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ERP Solutions and the Essential Characteristics of ERP

The general idea that is prevalent about ERP solutions is that these solutions are designed and geared towards the improvement and enhancement of the performance of the core business functions of a business organization. Yet, there are business organizations who feel that they were shortchanged by their vendors with regards to the ERP solutions that these vendors provided them. Hence, it is a fact that some ERP solutions, instead of bringing in innovations and enhancements, only brought in more frustrations and miseries to some business organizations.

The decision to implement ERP solutions to enhance the existing business systems should not be taken very lightly. It is a major decision that should be arrived at after much thought and consideration of the pros and cons of implementing these solutions. Moreover, the choosing of vendors to provide the technology and knowhow for the ERP solutions should be thoroughly assessed and analyzed, because the vendors may become great sources of problems and frustrations along the way. The right vendor will provide you with more enhanced means of performing the core functions of your business, and the right ERP solutions will surely produce a more systematic performance of product planning, purchasing, monitoring of manufacturing, marketing and sales, inventory management, financial management, and even better attendance monitoring system. The right vendor can surely provide you with a suite of integrated business applications that could collate, store, interpret, and manage business data and information.

Characteristics of a Good ERP solution

ERP Products are said to be good if they can provide an integrated system to a business organization. The purpose of an ERP is to integrate all the core business functions so that these functions could be easily viewable via a single database. If it is not integrative, then the ERP solution basically defeats its purpose of being integrative. Second, a good business management solution should be able to provide data analytics in real time. A delay in the updating of information on the database would make an ERP basically unreliable in providing up-to-date information to the business administrators. Hence, the real-time updating of data and information is surely a necessary characteristic of a useful and innovative ERP solution.

ERP vendors should also provide a common database for the business that could support almost all available applications. This means that this database should be also viewable via the use of whatever smart devices at hand. In this way, anyone within the business organization could readily view the database using his or her own device or computer. The database should also have a consistent look anywhere the database is viewed. Moreover, it should also have a consistent feel so that the viewers will never get confused when they are using the database.

The ERP solution likewise should be capable of integrating itself into the existing system and should be expandable in the near future. This means that it must be able to accommodate new applications and additions to the system. The business management solution should also incorporate and embody all the best practices within the core functions of the business. In this way, the ERP system will be indicative and expressive of all the best practices within the system.    

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