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Is This The End of Radio Broadcasting?

Radio broadcasting is deemed to be obsolete nowadays. However, the evolution of radio broadcasting allows it to reign supreme in audience share statistics.

Radio broadcasting is one of the media platforms used to reach a wide range of audience. In today’s generation where everything seems to evolve to the digital, broadcasting in effect, quickens its pace to go with the flow – to avoid getting left out, to maintain their authority in disseminating news and information, and to avoid a possible total phase out. As for the future of the different media, the challenges are great and the competition remains intense.

I believe newspapers face the greatest of these challenges because the fast pace of life makes it difficult for the target audience to pause and read relatively lengthy articles. Television, on the other hand, still leads in information dissemination and entertainment in households. As for the radio, many deem this as obsolete in the sense that it is nothing different from televisions and social media, but astonishingly, radio tops the Nielsen Audio Today 2016 study for audience share. It’s a surprise that radio still reigns supreme despite the notion of being old-fashioned. Even the Millennials have their own favorite radio stations.

How then, is this platform able to sustain their popularity? What are the moves radio businesses make to break this myth? Here’s what everybody should know.

Benefits of Radio Broadcasting

Practicality and Productivity. The thing about televisions and social media is that you’re forced to watch and read everything. There may be videos to listen to, but how about your internet connection or cable subscription? Don’t they have deadlines? These platforms need certain requirements for consumers to avail their services. Though it may be the trend, nothing beats the easy-as-pie thingamajig called radio. Almost all radio stations have strong frequencies, making them accessible almost anywhere. Plus the inexpensive stereos in the market, the one in your car or phones, the radio is definitely practical.

Advertisements. Despite the radio’s large audience share, their advertising rates remain affordable compared to TV and print ads. With their adoption of the social media to many of their programs, there is a significant increase in sales and it will continue to rise in 2020. Contrary to popular belief, the radio industry is still alive and well.

Music. News and music come to mind when you say radio, so much so for the latter. It appears that music has become a staple element in radio broadcasting, and stations continue to experiment and recreate their platform through the years to offer something different and unique. Furthermore, the intimacy between the disk jockey (DJ) and the listener is quite exclusive. Say for example, you’re alone in your room listening to romantic playlists and late night calls to vent out just about anything is something only your stereo can provide.

Local and National Issues. Recent epidemic outbreaks and political turmoil all over the world are just a few of those that make it to the headlines. The older generation loves to get updated, so an impaired sight and motor skills pose as a hindrance to their being well-informed. Yes, an impaired hearing is also an obstacle, but that’s another story.

Radio stations prove to be efficient locally, as well as nationwide. They are still revered as an authority, so live interviews of some of the biggest names in different fields are not much of a problem. Not everything can be given by social media, TV stations, and newsprints, and if ever they’re unavailable, the radio is a good alternative.

Bold Moves for Sustainability

Social Media. Maintaining the uniqueness of radio broadcasting, while invading social media is proven to be tricky. However, with the power of information technology and talented experts, revolutionizing radio broadcasting won’t be that complicated.

Some regular radio programs are posted live on Facebook, improving their reach further. Intermittent frequencies won’t be a nuisance anymore. If ever you’re states or oceans away from home, you’ll still get posted with the latest happenings back home.

Subscriptions. In relation to going live on social media, radio broadcasting stations have another take on making a wider reach now. Due to the diaspora phenomenon, people are obliged to migrate either for work, study or travel. Seeing this as an opportunity, radio stations either merge with other companies (oftentimes television stations) or create their own websites, to cater to customers in other countries.

The power of the Internet knows no limits, so foreign subscription sites are widely available like the Delicast for South Koreans and PinoyOnlineTV for Filipinos. They just are two of the few groups of people who migrate to other countries for work and study, others even become naturalized citizens. With that taken into consideration, broadcasting stations invest on these business prospects.

Podcasts. These revolutionary apps allow people to download missed radio programs. They have a complete package of downloadable files in their archives. Other radio stations adopt this style, allowing their avid listeners download or listen to their previous episodes. Some may be free, but frequent access to their sites can be converted to sales. You know the drill.

To sum it all up, radio broadcasting reigns supreme among other media platforms, because of its benefits, practicality, and adaptability. Had they given up the fight before, this platform would’ve become a thing of the past. However, along with newspapers, they continue to push forward. We can learn a valuable lesson from its evolution, and that’s being versatile in this generation. Coming up with creative spins for businesses is key to surviving the struggle. There’s no such thing as a perfect method, but learning to be flexible and open-minded is enough. So, who says radio is obsolete?

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Abigail A. Sabijon is a full-time blogger and editor of and a part-time cat-lover. She's a Bachelor of Arts and Literature graduate, and she enjoys discussing and writing about everything under the sun.

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