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Emerging Technology Trends In 2014

Gartner Inc. in a recent study highlighted top emerging technology treads that are going to be strategic for most enterprises in 2014. Factors denoting significant impact constitute high potential to disruption to business or IT, risk of being late adopters and need for major investment.

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Here are the top trends identified by Gartner:

  1. Mobile Device Diversity and Management

Workplaces are faced with a new reality of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Businesses are now paying more attention on addressing the various issues and expectations of their employees. To achieve this many businesses are even emphasizing on BYOD themselves. BYOD is increasingly becoming a sort of proposal to save huge costs on software and hardware.  One of the key results of BYOD is doubling the size of mobile workforce.

  1. Mobile Apps And Applications

According to Gartner, improvements in the performance of JavaScript will push browser specific application developments and HTML5 environments straight to mainstream. This means businesses should focus on the development of richer video and voice content for the developers. This can actually be seen with the growing prominence of WebRTC. Gartner believes that the number of mobile apps will increase while larger applications will shrink in future.

  1. Internet of Everything

With the emergence of filed equipments and smart TVs, “Internet of Things” is growing at an exponential rate, with astounding array of applications, vehicles and devices each anticipating gaining their individual IP addresses. According to Gartner, the four basic usage models – Manage, Operate, Monetize and Extend – are applicable to four fields of internet, namely – information, thing, places and people.

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Ng Wei Khang, CEO at a Singapore based IT consultancy company, APIXEL IT Services, has been operational for over 8 years from now. Apixel provides fixed price IT Support Services with unlimited packages that includes small business server setup, Cloud Solution Configuration, Network management and Data security & Theft prevention. The company also provides expert IT consultancy to SMEs in Singapore.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Flynn

    July 3, 2014 at 2:51 am

    The field of mobile app development is a very promising one at present and is immensely growing. Theses applications has become an integral part of our lives.

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