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Effective Email Marketing Strategy: Things and Facts to Know

One might wonder why email marketing strategy is still important with so much of social media engagement doing the buzz around. Well, it is simple- email still rules when it matters most. According to a study conducted by SocialTwist, a case of a referral campaign programme yielded results where more than half the referrals who became consumers were reached via email. They outnumbered every other medium. So here are a few things to pay attention to if you want your firm to attain more clients through effective email marketing strategy: –

  • Opt for referrals: – As cliché as it might sound, it is still one of the most effective ways of finding potential client email list. If you have subscriber base for your newsletters or services, or an existing client base, feel free to run a fabulous referral programme. According to the same study mentioned above, email works more than twice effectively for referral programs to sign up as clients (for current or future requirements) over Facebook and Twitter. As a part of the referral bonus, look at the options for giveaways as incentives to attract potential clients.
  • Contests for leads: – Hold contests to win some exciting opportunities over digital platforms. It is always a great way to get email addresses of potential clients that you can include in your email marketing. There are attractive gifts and giveaways available for contest winners. According to Marketing Guru Ben Glass, giveaways should be smart too- pens and notepads are not worth much. Some items that draw attention well would be calendars, magnets reusable grocery bags etc. Just a note of caution, though- always ensure the contest is designed in a manner so as to attract your target group of audience for getting fresh leads.
  • Blog post comments to look at: – If you already have a blog post on your industry discussions, nothing like it. Otherwise, you could always start one or tie up with an existing blog post owner for getting the email addresses of people commenting and interacting on the posted blogs. This is another way of getting potential client leads. As they are already people who are interacting, it ensures there is always a certain level of engagement.
  • Personalize the content: – There are many ways to find leads for email marketing, but what would be equally important is to ensure that the email received does not make one feel it is just another marketing email. One of the important points to start it would be to personalize the content according to the recipient’s data available to you from the source. Instead of trying to represent a personal touch, look deeper into recipient’s digital history from the source and try and find the recipient’s legal status/history from the same. Next, share this information with your email marketing expert. This would help create a meaningful email probing potential legal needs of the recipient leading to a higher chance of being noticed and initiating engagement.
  • Choose the right day: –According to Experian’s Study of day-of-week performance, weekends fare better in terms of response for email marketing. But is that really a surprise? After the busy work schedule of a week, the weekend does offer people more chance to catch up on everything, including the digital world. Hence, focus more on Saturdays and Sundays for email marketing campaigns. However, always remember that this is a generic marketing rule.
  • Choose the right time: – And since one would want one’s emails to be opened and read by the recipient for sure, the best time for that would be 8 p.m. to midnight. This is not a theory; it is the resultant conclusion of the quarterly email report by Experian Marketing Services.
  • Reactivate the inactive: – Several studies have shown that almost 2/3rd of subscribers might be practically inactive- they are only receiving emails but not necessarily engaging. The challenge is to keep engagement alive. In fact, email marketing firm Listrack suggests that the moment someone becomes a subscriber, there is a window of approximately 3 months to convert them into devoted followers of your actions. So 2 things to go for here:
    1. Ensure that the 3-month window is utilized effectively.
    2. Since some clients might not have a requirement within 3 months, ensure reactivation campaigns are run as a part of larger email campaigns. Periodical reactivation campaigns could ensure that if an inactive subscriber has a sudden need.

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