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Echelon Bike Review: What is the Smart Connect?

Today, workout bikes have gained popularity as a way of exercising either at the gym or from home. They are an effective way of burning calories, building endurance, and staying healthy. Workout bikes are becoming popular for home use because they occupy less space and are affordable as compared to other gym equipment.

Most people like the idea of being able to ride their bikes in the comfort of their homes. Keep on reading to get a review of Echelon Bike.

1) What is the Smart Connect

Due to the change in technology, most exercise bikes have combined both training and fitness apps. This offers the trainers with live and on-demand training classes that they can view using a screen mounted on the bike. With smart connect you can access virtual scenic rides, training videos as well as live training classes.

A few years ago for you to purchase a bike that combines high tech training, you had to dig deep into your pocket. That is not the case anymore. A well-known brand, Echelon, has introduced workout bikes known as Smart Connect that combine technology at an affordable price. You can check out Flex Master General to learn more about these exercise bikes. You will also get the main differences between various smart connect models and their prices. You can get the best deals on any model of Echelon bikes.

2) Echelon Smart Connect Models Available

If you want to buy an Echelon exercise, the bike has four models that you can choose from. They are:

  • EX1 – is more budget-friendly. It has features such as cage pedals, ergonomic handlebars, ultra-smooth magnetic resistance, 1-32 levels of resistance, 9-levels of the handlebar, Bluetooth, dumbbell rack, tablet mount, total assembled weight (105 LBS), and 17-levels of seat height.
  • EX3 Max – features include cage pedals, ergonomic handlebars, ultra-smooth magnetic resistance, 1-32 levels of resistance, 9-levels of the handlebar, Bluetooth, dumbbell rack, tablet mount, upgraded lightweight triangular tubing, precision resistance motor, and 17-levels of seat height.
  • EXE5 and EX5s – main features are the competition aero handlebar system, Bluetooth, upgraded smart device mount, upgraded competition seat, new indexing resistance with 32 levels, cage pedals, dumbbell rack, two handlebar-mounted bottle holders, 21.5 “ HD touch screen Display(EX5s), and kick guards(EX5s).

3) How It Works

These types of exercise bikes work just like any other spin bike; the only difference is the live workout component. For you to get started with Echelon’s recorded and live work out videos, pick the best bike that meets your fitness needs and budget. Lastly, you have to open an account in the Echelon app. Even though they charge an additional fee to stream the exercises, at the end of it, you will save some cash.

4) Cost

The prices for Echelon smart connect bikes start from $839.98 to $1639.98 depending on the model that you want. Nevertheless, prices can drop when they are having promotions.

Echelon bikes are great and affordable. With these bikes, you can exercise at the comfort of your home. You do not have to rush so that you are on the list of the popular work out classes.

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