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Easy Ways to Brighten Up a Hallway

Hallways are usually narrow and dark, which makes them difficult to decorate. Sometimes you feel like the tiniest detail will be too much when in fact it can look highly attractive. Playing with colors, textures lighting, and wall décor is what’ll help you create the perfect corridor that will look welcoming and chic.

Decorate the Stairway

If you’ve to get used to decorating your stairway only for the holiday season, it’s time to change the routine. Feel free to add some creative details on the stairs, and match them with a colorful stair runner. A pop of color would look especially great on a white or black stairway. If your stairs are brown, match them with beige, white or yellow tones and achieve the perfect contrast. What’s more, introduce various patterns that will immediately liven up the hallway.

Gallery Ambience

All the artwork, paintings, photos and numerous knick-knacks you didn’t know where to put, can find their rightful place in the hallway. Don’t worry about overcrowding the space, and hang all the gorgeous paintings and artwork on the walls, fill the corners with beautiful flower pots, and enrich the hallway with a slim console table. Put a vintage bowl or a plate on the table, and you can keep keys, and mail inside.

Let there Be Light

Since the hallways usually don’t get too much light, it’s a good idea to illuminate the space as much as possible. Installing lamps on the walls, a pretty chandelier, or a window is the best way to make the room brighter and bigger. Additionally, create more light by having the front door with glass panels. Adding a small window above or next to the door will also provide the perfect amount of light. Place a glass table with shiny edges, and a large mirror across the window and you’ll provide the hallway with twice as much light.

Brighten up with Wallpapers

If something can make the room look lively, it’s wallpaper. Alternate the solid colors with patterned wallpaper. It’s best if you try to match the walls with floor colors, in order to achieve the great balance of shades. White wallpapers with rose, peach or yellow flowers would look perfect and wouldn’t make the room seem small.  It can be perfectly combined with white, hardwood or black floor.

Add a Bit of Homely Feel

The hallway is the first thing your guest will notice when they arrive at your home. Therefore, you should make it look just the way the rest of the place. Add carpets, bookshelves and lamps to achieve the warm ambiance. Match the color of the shelves with the color of floors, and make sure the carpet fits perfectly to the room. Invest in a quality wooden coat rack, and hang a wall clock as well. You can find a vast choice of wall clocks online so make sure to check them out.

Make it Look Bigger

Painting the walls white is one of the best ways to make the room look bigger. If you have white floor tiles and door as well, then your hallway will look both big and elegant at the same time. Additionally, mirrors will visually enlarge the space as well. Placing two mirrors across one another on the opposite walls will create the illusion of a larger space. What’s more, if the room has enough light, adding these mirrors will only double the amount of reflected light.

Sometimes decorating the hallway and making it brighter might seem as a difficult task. However, all you need is a bit of creativity, and a well-done research. Make sure you incorporate some of the previous suggestions into your decor and watch how your gloomy corridor becomes the bright hallways you’ll absolutely love.

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Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in topics related to business technology and marketing.

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