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Drive® e2 – a Fast s3 Compatible Storage Solution, New Service from IDrive.

Drive® e2 is an S3 compatible, scalable cloud-object storage platform that supports storing data in the cloud, off-site disaster recovery, an active and accessible data archive, and long term storage. It is a suitable and affordable solution for hosting applications, media workflow, gaming assets, e-commerce resources, and other large volumes of data.

But there are many S3 compatible services. So what makes IDrive e2 special?

We did a quick review, signed up for a trial and compared features, functionality, pricing and performance including speed of transfers. This is what we found.

IDrive® e2 is an extremely versatile solution, making it easy for any type of user to store their data. For example, developers can use it to have access to large amounts of storage space that’s needed for their applications. IT admins can use it to store corporate data and backup servers, having the data ready if it needs to be restored. Even individuals who require large amounts of storage space for their files will find e2 beneficial, as they can store and share all their files while only paying for the space they need.

It is fast

As they claim, it is fast. We found it to be faster than many other S3 compatible services, for both uploads and downloads. While we tested it using cyberduck, they also have a web-based speed test.


At 0.004/GB/Month, it is one of the lowest among S3 compatible storage providers. If you opt for the prepaid yearly, it is even cheaper, at $20/year/TB accounting for the first year discount.


At the time of this blog print, there are 8 locations within the US, and the company promises to add more including Europe.


IDrive e2 supports most S3 functions, including versioning, immutability and encryption on storage.  This makes it very easy to work for most leading S3 compatible apps including backup services like Veeam.

Data Retrieval

Users can retrieve their data based on their convenience using associated access and a secret key. Data can be accessed via the IDrive® e2 web console or a third-party tool such as MSP360, Veeam, Cyberduck, Cloudflare, Fastly, Iconik, Arq, QNAP, Synology,, Arcserve, Duplicati, WinSCP, and S3 Browser.


IDrive® e2 transmits all files using an encrypted TLS connection. If you’re a developer, we highly encourage you to add your own encryption to your files before transmitting them to e2. Developers can also set Server-Side Encryption on e2 buckets.

Data is stored in enterprise-class data centers equipped with state-of-the-art facilities — custom-designed elevated floors, HVAC temperature control systems with designated cooling zones, seismically-braced racks — and physical security features. The data centers are periodically checked for vulnerabilities in the network infrastructure with third-party audits.

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