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Does Your Business Need A Specific Mobile Phone Application?

Increase Engagement with Your Mobile Application

When a business begins the process of revitalising their online presence, the conversation with a website development firm will often turn to the site’s functionality on a mobile phone or a tablet.

That’s because the number of people accessing websites from such smart devices is growing rapidly and, as such, a business will have to tailor their website offering to being functional and easy to navigate on these devices.

However, the conversation from a very good website development team will also raise the issue of developing a mobile application which would be a bespoke offering for the business and which will utilise the talents of a mobile app designer.

Finding a mobile app designer

There is a very clear distinction between optimising a business website for use on a smart phone and developing a specific mobile phone application which can be used by their audiences.

For instance, a mobile application development firm can create a program to work on a smartphone that will utilise information that is readily available such as geographic location or the person’s identity to offer something that is very specific to their needs.

It’s also a great way to communicate with an audience in real time and can, for instance, offer a customer a ‘treat’ if they are close to a street market or offer an alternative to a restaurant. This will help create an incentive for the customer to engage with the business and to use their service or product.

More importantly, all good smartphone apps will enable the customer to then engage with the business on social media with their friends and family which will also help with the business branding and reach.

How to build a mobile app for a business

The process for finding a mobile application design firm is much the same as it would be to find a web designer; they will both have a very similar skillset and have experience in both markets. Be aware though that not every website design firm will have the necessary tools or skills to complete a mobile app project.

That’s not the case with a firm like Etempa Solutions who not only have the resources and capability to develop a mobile app that is functional and impressive but they can also deliver it on time and within budget.

Essentially, the business that realises it has a good use for a mobile app development should define clearly what it is needed from the mobile app designer and build a strategy around that offering.

It goes without saying that an effective mobile application also enables the customer to engage more efficiently and in simple way with the business; it should make the lives of the business and the customer easier.

This is particularly true should a business decide to offer discounts and coupons to its client base and can do so on a geographic basis. All the customer has to do to enjoy the discount is to show a code on their phone to the business outlet concerned.

Why mobile app development is growing in importance

The most important thing to remember is that mobile app development should not be thought of as being important only to big business; small businesses too can utilise the creations of a mobile app designer to engage with their customers in an effective way.

The spectacular growth of mobile phones and tablet computers has brought with it a new audience for businesses to engage with and potentially exploit profitably. The fact is that many people always have such a device with them which means that a business looking for online profitability no longer has to wait until a customer is sat in front of a computer before they can engage with them.

And by having a mobile application development on their phone, especially if it has been created by Etempa Solutions, means that the customer has ‘bought into’ what the business is actually offering and is aware of the branding and services being offered.

The bottom line is that by developing a mobile application, a business can tap into the experience of a mobile app designer to add something extra to their website design and online offering because the software development is here to stay for many years to come.

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