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Do Laptop Cooling Pads Really Work?

It’s better to suggest you buy a laptop cooling pad only when your laptop doesn’t transfer heat that much. There is nothing extraordinary you’ll find or experience while using the laptop cooling pads with the budget laptops.

It’s needless to say that most laptops are prone to heat or even overheating pretty quickly compared to smartphones these days. However, gaming laptops may also tend to heat up quickly, even when equipped with powerful hardware. But laptops are used to perform light to medium-sized tasks due to the smaller or limited cooling fans and smaller hardware parts. Here, laptop cooling pads come into the light. But do laptop cooling pads work?

Though the next-gen laptops offer high performance and high graphics activities, they aren’t suitable for hardcore processes or gaming like desktop PCs. Therefore, laptops become quite hot after using them for an hour or so. Desktop PCs do have proper cooling systems and ventilation systems for better and faster cooling efficiency.

As technology and developments are improving each day, laptop cooling pads offer a good ventilation system for faster cooling, which feels good. The more your machine cools faster, the better it performs. It’s an external laptop tray or stand that allows the machine to dissipate the heat quite well because most of the vents are placed under the laptop surface or in between the folding hinge.

Do Laptop Cooling Pads Work?

Now, the question is, do they work efficiently in real-life conditions? There are plenty of laptops with the best cooling systems available on the market, but they are mostly on the flagship side, which means they cost much more than mid-range laptops. Mid-range laptops are being used by a majority of people, as opposed to entry-level laptops or older laptops. In that scenario, most users might need a dedicated cooling pad for their laptops for better heat transfer.

So, the angular design and tilted laptop cooling pads work pretty well in most cases. Whereas the cooling pads also offer enough holes to easily transfer heat, some laptops do have vents underneath the surface.

Additionally, these cooling pads do have built-in cooling fans to improve the machine’s performance in any way. Some cooling pads also offer adjustable fan speeds depending on how much heat dissipation is required. Some cooling pads do have silent (whisper-quiet) fan operation that comes in handy for educational or official work purposes.

Some of them do even have built-in USB hubs or ports for connecting additional USB accessories. Most of the eCommerce platforms and laptop cooling pad manufacturers or sellers are trying to market their products to all sorts of users in different scenarios.

Should You Buy a Laptop Cooling Pad?

It’s better to suggest you buy a laptop cooling pad only when your laptop doesn’t transfer heat that much. There is nothing extraordinary you’ll find or experience while using laptop cooling pads with budget laptops. The heat transfer might not be useful enough if you’re a heavy gamer or work for hours in hot conditions.

You may notice a minimal cooling improvement and slightly less heat than before, but not everyone will be satisfied for sure. There will be no comparison between the dedicated cooling systems for desktop PCs and laptops. So, you can’t expect a huge difference.

Well, if your laptop needs slightly more cooling and your work on the laptop is moderate enough, then you should buy a laptop cooling pad to get additional performance overall. If your online browsing, content uploading, or any application task feels too slow, invest in a cooling pad for your laptop to prevent overheating.

It’s also worth mentioning that if you’re using a low-end laptop or an older laptop, then you may experience overheating issues quite frequently. Your machine may be shut down or rebooted automatically by the system to keep the hardware safe. In that scenario, a cooling pad might come in handy. So, it can be a short-term workaround, but not a long-term solution for sure.

If your laptop feels quite hot even after using the cooling pad, then you should repair your laptop or clean the cooling fan accordingly. The most common culprit against proper cooling is dust particles, which can easily clog the cooling fan and slow it down. If you can clean the cooling fan by yourself using an air spray, then you can do it.

Make sure to reduce the number of active programs on the laptop and multitask as well to reduce the overheating issue.

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