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Do I Have to Download Casino Software to Play?

Convenience is the main argument in favor of choosing online gambling over land-based casinos. Similar games are offered in both environments, but playing over the Internet is faster, easier, and less expensive. Players have wholeheartedly embraced mobile devices as conduits for accessing the online gambling landscape. There are more people playing on smartphones and tablets than ever before and they have surpassed those still relying on desktop and laptop computers. In both cases, players need to decide between gambling straight in the browser and downloading an app.

Downloading casino software is optional

Even before mobile devices came along and became the standard gadgets for online gambling, players had to make this decision at some casinos. They were allowed to gamble straight in the browser at both real and free money tables. This is how the first games were played at online casinos, and they left very little to be desired. At the same time, punters were encouraged to download dedicated casino software and install it on laptop and desktop computers. Such applications promise better access to the games and in some cases access to exclusive promotions and bonuses.

The advent of mobile devices for gambling made dedicated apps even more exciting. Most smartphones and tablet users access the content of interest through apps they download for free and installed on their devices. The same goes for online casinos, who have ramped up the production of dedicated apps for prospective punters. These can be acquired for free from the official website and installed in a matter of seconds. Players are encouraged to acquire them, but in an overwhelming majority of cases, this is entirely their option. Only a fraction of online casinos published here mandates the downloading of casino software to play.

Should you download a casino app?

If you play mainly on mobile devices, downloading and installing dedicated casino software could be a good idea. Such apps are easy to use, don’t require a lot of resources and are perfectly optimized for Android and iOS devices. They grant players access to the entire portfolio of casino games, so they can interact with the gaming interface much easily. Smartphones and tablets are powerful enough to run these applications easily without consuming too many resources. This means that they don’t add too much pressure on the system to affect the overall capabilities of the device.

There are good reasons in favor of choosing to download a dedicated software app at certain casinos. One of them is to be eligible for bonuses that are offered exclusively to those who gamble through the app. Online casinos are happy to offer such incentives to those who accept to download and install software on their gambling devices. Most of them are offered on top of existing promotions, so players win more without risking anything. In other cases, players who download the app receive enhanced bonuses, with something extra added to the standard offer.

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