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Do Home Security Apps Really Work?

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The revolution in home security systems can seem incredibly convenient considering today’s technology. And judging by how many security companies are embracing more and more internet and cellular-based services, it is obviously hugely successful. You may not have a home security system yourself, or you may have one of the old-fashioned kind – alarm, sensors, you punch a code on the keypad and that’s it. But you’ve probably heard that these days people can monitor their home 24-7 with just a smartphone – not to mention, turn their lights on and off, disarm their system, open the garage door for repair workers, and check to see if the kids let the dog out. If you’ve upgraded technologically in other parts of your life, why not home security as well? Is this the real deal? How it works can be fairly simple.

1. Reasons for Mobile Apps

More and more security systems have been switching to cellular network coverage for notifications so there’s no need for a land line to be connected to you home. Of course, land lines are becoming obsolete anyway, but the main reason for the switch is that someone robbing your home can cut the phone system easily. That could be a thing of the past. Now, with mobile technology, the whole security system can go wireless – meaning that cutting power lines would not affect your cameras. Of course, like with all wireless services, it is reliant on a signal, so if you have a home or vacation home in a remote area – a prime spot for burglaries – you need to make sure you go with a reliable service.

2. DIY Alarms

With the advent of wireless systems, more and more alarm systems are DIY – you buy the sensors, the cameras, and the transmitter, and you decide which areas of your home need the most protection and set everything up yourself. You can’t beat the price, but many users still recommend professional installation. Even technologically savvy customers probably don’t have a lot of experience with home security devices, and if you have an expert to explain it to you, there are far fewer chances of accidentally setting off alarms or worse -not having the system work when it should. This is why getting a security system that comes with its own mobile app could be a better way to go – there’s a greater support system if something goes wrong.

3. Network Protection

As protecting your home becomes easier, the focus in security may shift to protecting your home network. While criminals can’t cut your phone and power lines with as much result in the past, and your system can now detect intruders before they even enter your home with streaming video monitoring, you might have to keep a closer watch on your smartphone and internet system. Password protection, authentication, and a complete code system are the best ways to ensure your system is impenetrable – as well as always being able to locate your phone. In the future we could see vector security and hacking prevention become a whole new industry, as regular crime turns to cyber crime.

4. The Good Side

Apart from looking for a catch in mobile security apps, it’s important to take stock of just how amazing this technology can really be. No more worrying if you left the door unlocked or the window open. No more wondering if the kids are home from school yet, or if you forgot to set the alarm before you left for vacation. Smartphones can now mean smart homes – fully integrated with their own network. Many people sleep a lot better at night knowing that their home is so secure, and when you’re away from home, there are a long list of ways that home security apps can make your life easier.

As of today, mobile home security apps are a very effective way of utilizing new technology to keep your family safe. With benefits that go above and beyond security, they expose customers to a long list of conveniences they didn’t even know they needed. Our mobile phones are becoming intrinsically linked to our lives – and with a little bit of planning and precautions, we can learn to manage everything with the push of a button.

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