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Discover 3 Best Data Science Certifications for 2020

The world of data science is expanding; the industry needs more data scientists to predict future outcomes. Grabbing a data science career amid the chaos is an ideal choice.

With Data science becoming the core key to solving many business problems, it is worth asking if data science certifications are credible if you want to launch a career in the data science realm.

Data science certifications provide individual proof of the knowledge and skills they possess in the field. Recruiters are quiet about their hiring process. They examine every tiny detail before then getting the person hired. Since data science comes with a wide range of skills, it is expected that the data science professional possesses all the relevant skills the industry is looking to hire. And if you have gained excellence in the field and you’re a certified data scientist, no one can stop you from getting hired.

A certification goes a long way to boost the employability rate of the individual. Whether you’re a beginner or a working professional, data science certifications will help expand your horizon in the field.

Here is a list of the top three recommended data science certification programs that are widely recognized across the globe.

Data Science Council of America (DASCA)

  • Duration – Self-paced (Exams to be taken under stipulated duration)
  • Level – Expert
  • Platform – DASCA
  • What you’re offered – Digital badge and certificates

For Data Scientists around the world, The Data Science Council of America offers organizations of any size or individuals to assess and validate data science skills via vendor-neutral technology standards and certifications. DASCA is globally recognized, credible, and provides relevant skills and expertise the current industry needs.

The Data Science Council of America offers two expert-level data science certification programs for data scientists.

  • The Senior Data Scientist Program (SDS™)
  • The Principal Data Scientist Program (PDS™)

These Top Data science certifications are ideal for data scientists having 5+ years of work experience in the field of research and analytics. If you’re a data scientist who’s interested to make a breakthrough as a global leader in the world of data science, these programs are perfect for you.

The Examination cover topics like:

  • Data Science for Business Stakeholders
  • Business Potential of Big Data
  • Data Science
  • Building Cross-Organizational support
  • Data Science Essentials for Data Scientists
  • Advanced-Data Science for Data Scientists
  • Advanced-Data Science for Data Scientists

After you receive the preparation kit, you get 45 days to focus on your studies and prepare for the exams. After this, you’ll be given six months window to get your exam scheduled.

The moves you’re making by opting for a Data science career are the right thing to do. Not only will the industry have more skilled data scientists to handle businesses at large but the industry will also have more credible data scientists to hire.


  • Duration – 3 months (flexible)
  • Level – Beginner
  • Platform – Coursera
  • What you’re offered – Digital badge and certificate

IBM offers the Data Science Professional Certification program which is heralded to be perfect for individuals looking to start their career in data science. From teaching the fundamentals in data science to making the applicants do a capstone with APIs integration, the 9-course challenge is perfect for beginners.

Topics covered during the course:

  • What is Data Science
  • Data Science Methodology
  • Databases and SQL for Data Science
  • Python for Data Science and AI
  • Data Analysis with Python
  • Machine Learning with Python
  • Applied Data Science Capstone
  • Data Visualization with Python

No prerequisite is needed to take up this data science certification program. However, if you’re looking for quick learning and better understanding, taking up a crash course in Python would do the trick. By the time you reach course 6, you’ll be given the privilege of building projects from scratch, which will further help in building your portfolio.

Harvard University

  • Duration – 1 year 5 months (flexible)
  • Level – Beginner
  • Platform – edX
  • What you’re offered – Certificate

Partnered with edX, Harvard University offers the Data Science Professional Certificate which is perfect for beginners. As a beginner, you get to learn the fundamentals of R programming skills, and statistical concepts like inference, modeling, and probability.

An added advantage of the certification, the course also helps you acquire skills in tools for practicing data science professionals such as Git, Linux, GitHub, RStudio, and Unix.

The Program also introduces the candidate to take part in real-world case studies like – US Crime Rates, Election Forecasting, Trends in World Health and Economics, The Financial Crisis of 2007–2008, Movie Recommendation Systems, and Building a Baseball Team (inspired by Moneyball).

The Topics covered in this course:

  • Data Science: R Basics
  • Data Science: Probability
  • Data Science: Productivity Tools
  • Data Science: Machine Learning
  • Data Science: Linear Regression
  • Data Science: Inference and Modeling
  • Data Science: Capstone
  • Data Science: Wrangling

Data science is a field that involves a galore of concepts, approaches, methodologies, techniques, and many other factors. With the world generating humongous data, the world must create huge job opportunities for data scientists to predict the future with greater accuracy.

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