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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Strategies that will Dominate 2017

The fact that the internet has a profound influence on marketing is undeniable. Technology has revolutionized how we promote our brands. Over the years, inbound marketing techniques have proved more effective compared to the previously used outbound strategies where businesses embedded advertisements on existing content. Instead, marketers now prefer creating value for their customers through fresh and original contents.

In 2017, you should not expect any greater difference except for a few twists. Observably, it won’t just be about knowing which techniques to embrace. You will need to have an idea of how best to use them. What does this mean? Your choice of digital marketing strategies should exhibit particular characteristics;

  • Efficient

To meet your marketing goals, you need to satisfy the needs of your clients. Clients have expectations of your business. Your advertisements should not only capture those expectations but also express direct solutions to their problems. It’s like interacting with your audience at their lowest levels.

  • Affordable

You are not going to spend an entire fortune marketing your business, right? Whether you are running a tight budget start-up or an established business empire, you need a portfolio of marketing strategies with minimal costs.

  • Simple

A marketing strategy is only worth investing your money in when it is simple and has an easy to follow model. If the head of marketing cannot explain it to you in two minutes then it won’t be worth your money. Try something else.

  • Valuable

At the end of the day, every business owner wants higher returns on any penny he puts into marketing. The best marketing strategy is one that guarantees better ROI, even it means waiting for a couple of years for that to materialize

  • Time-Sensitive

How soon will the marketing strategy be able to deliver visible results? Going into 2017, you should have an idea of the amount of time you will have to endure before cashing the benefits of your marketing strategies. For strategies like Google AdWords and Email marketing, the results can be immediate. However, you should take caution not to jump into short-term marketing strategies because you will need reliable and stable results over time.

Did the marketing strategies you employed in 2016 exhibit these characteristics? Now that you have an idea of the ideal characteristics of the perfect digital marketing strategies, we can ahead and delve into details of suitable marketing trends that will dominate 2017.

Content Marketing will Grow Bigger

Many companies have realized that the most effective way of establishing authority with their client is by creation and distribution of engaging content. Through informative content, firms are able to pass relevant information to their clients and build trust over the years. When it comes to content marketing, businesses will have several avenues to explore. For one, you can take advantage of your business website and have relevant articles. The other option is the distribution of eNewsletters, which works best through email marketing integration. You can also take advantage of email marketing to send other business promotional contents apart from newsletters.

The past few years have also witnessed the rise of videos as part of content marketing. In 2017, it is estimated that the video content industry will get even bigger. For those who are able to create engaging video contents and share them out with their clients, the future is certainly bright. Yet again businesses can embrace private blogs. WordPress provides such a unique platform for business owners to develop their blogs and share fresh and engaging contents. By embracing this form of inbound marketing, you can be certain of taking your business to the next level.

Diverse Social Media Marketing

Previously, social media marketing was all about the big wigs; Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Today, there is a deeper surge and other options like Instagram, Pinterest, and Google is getting off the ground. If you had concentrated in Facebook and Twitter in 2016, the coming year presents you with an opportunity of diversifying your strategies. In 2017, social media marketing will work for the few businesses that will embrace multichannel marketing strategies. Diversifying your strategies to include options like Google+ will put you in better places or reaching more consumers and establishing a huge client base.

Mobile Friendly SEO

You might probably be asking yourself, isn’t this too obvious? Well, not everyone who invested in search engine optimization in 2016 got real value for their money. The good news is that 2017 presents you with a unique opportunity of squeezing the most out of this effective long-term marketing strategy. To realize this goal, however, you must do things differently. As of 2016 June, there were more mobile searches as compared to desktop searches. The most effective SEO technique is the one that captures this aspect.

To gain any significant benefits, your site should be responsive. Users accessing your site through various devices including iPad should find it easy to navigate with faster load speeds. If you are using WordPress, you can take advantage of certain free plugins, which are mobile friendly. You should also opt for superior web hosting services because have a direct influence on the speed of your site!

Intensive Ad Retargeting

This marketing strategy seems to have worked magic for those who have enjoyed its benefits. It simply utilizes browser cookies in tracking the previous websites that users have visited. Upon leaving the viewed site, the products or services previously observed will be present in advertisement forms in the subsequent pages of different websites.

This method works by increasing the conversion rates. By constantly reminding the consumers about the items they viewed in previous sessions, customers are able to interact with various brands in a friendlier way. This is particularly good for online businesses and e-commerce sites that depend on instant sales.


Establishing a stronger business presence in 2017 doesn’t have to be an uphill task. You might have struggled to take your brand marketing strategies higher in 20116, with minimal success. 2017 presents you with yet another opportunity of making a successful stab into the highly competitive marketing world. Embrace these tips in 2017 and observe your business reach greater heights!

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