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Different Types of Urinary Incontinence Products for Women and Their Benefits

Urinary incontinence is an embarrassing problem for many old age women. Though there are many causes of this ailment, old age and obesity are the common risk factors responsible for this problem in women. The treatment of this incontinence is available through medications, pelvic exercises, uses of some medical devices and even surgery of the urinary bladder if other treatments fail to cure it. Also, the patients need to use special urinary incontinence products for women for comfort and to save from the embarrassment.

Varieties of Urinary Incontinence Products for Women as Available in the Market

Special Incontinence Pads:

The absorbent pads are used in the form of striped liners that can be attached with the underwear of the patient with the help of the adhesives that are applied over the strips during their manufacturing. These pads are functionally different from the ordinary sanitary pads that are used by women, during their menstruation; because their ability of absorption of the liquid is much higher than the sanitary napkins. Also, these incontinency pads can obstruct the unpleasant smell of the urine. One incontinence pad can absorb up to 8 ounces of urine.

Absorbent Underwear:

This specially created underwear is available in many attractive colors and unique prints; though the pastel or peach colors and floral patterns are more popular among modern women. This stylish underwear is notable for its superb absorption power of liquids, due to the presence of an effective absorbent layer in the center and a Rapid Lock System, to ensure better protection even from the excess urine flow and block the resurfacing of the urine. This underwear is also warm and comfortable, as it protects the body skin from the uncomfortable wet touch of the urine. Another positive point about incontinence underwear is that if fits closely into the body, as it is elastic banded or has tapes on both sides.  This disposable underwear is easy to pull in and out, as well as it is made of comfortable breathable fabrics.

Disposable Panties:

Disposable panties are another urinary incontinence product for women, as these panties are available in various unique styles that are liked by all women. Though basically disposable in nature, these panties can be washed easily and reused as well helping in saving money of the users. These panties are highly absorbent with a waterproof liner and an inbuilt pad within each panty. These panties are available in various colors and have a special odor control mechanism, thus these panties can be used without wearing any other underwear. These panties can be used overnight for saving the bed linens from wetting. Each of these panties has the capability of absorbing more than 10 ounces of urine at a time. These panties are easily removable due to the presence of the adhesive straps on the sides so that the caregivers can put in or out more easily, in the case of bedridden patients.

Adult Diapers:

Adult diapers are also known as briefs and contain hydrophobic or water absorbent layers on the inner sides, while the outer sides are protected with a plastic moisture barrier. Due to this, these diapers can save the bed mattresses or the chair covers from getting wet, in case someone is suffering from severe urinary incontinence. These briefs are provided with adhesive strips on both sides to keep them fixed in the correct place and do not open up while moving unless pulled out. These diapers are manufactured with antifungal and antibacterial medicines, to provide good protection to the skin parts that are in touch with these diapers.

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