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Different Types of Torque Wrenches and their Uses

Torque wrenches are highly useful for safe application of torque and also ensure part/product safety for the end consumers. They are today available in different varieties, and also possess special functions that make them useful in specialized industries.

A torque wrench is a fundamental tool and element used in industrial repair and maintenance, general mechanics, operations for changing tires and in other areas for ensuring safety including customer safety. The tool is used for applying a specific and controlled amount of Torque to bolt/nut/fastener. Because of the wide variety of fasteners in use today, the wrenches have application and usage across mechanical, domestic and industrials work areas.

Because the torque wrench applies torque in line with the specifications of an application, its use provides for proper loading and tension. The torque wrench has the indicator that lets the operator when no more force needs to be applied, which prevents the breakage or damaging of the fasteners.

Types of Torque Wrenches

With the improvement in technology, there are many different kinds of torque wrenches available today.

Beam-type Torque Wrench- This is a basic and popular form of the torque wrench that includes a lever that is used for applying torque to a given fastener. This lever is also the main handle of the wrench. The second beam that the wrench has is an indicator, and it is attached to one of the heads of the wrench. The handle also has a scale for calibration. The scale moves due to the application of force through the bending of the lever. The lever stops when the calibrated or specified torque is applied.

Deflecting-Beam Type Torque Wrench- In place of a coil spring, the wrench has a deflecting beam, to which the force and torque are applied. The indication here is not only visual but audio as well. The wrench can provide more consistent and accurate readings and is also more long-lasting. The safety margin towards the maximum loading is also increased, which ensures greater reliability and security. You can also buy the digital torque wrench, which can offer you even better precision and accuracy.

Click-type Torque Wrench- It is a more sophisticated variety of torque wrench where the torque can be preset by using the clutch mechanism that can be pre-calibrated. The wrench may include a small ball detent along with a spring. The ball clicks/comes out of its socket when the requisite torque level is reached. The wrench has the best precision and also has an audible and tactile indication.

No-Hub Torque Wrench- The “T” shaped torque wrench has the special design and the specialized functions of the wrench include tightening of the no-hub coupling pairs, worm drive clamp and the test clamps. It can be used in tight spaces as well, because of its special shape and design. These wrenches are especially useful for the plumbers and can be preset to any torque strength and level.

There are also highly sophisticated and advanced wrench varieties in use today and the manual and digital torque wrench price are also quite affordable. For instance, the hydraulic torque wrenches are used in the heavy machinery assemblies and in the aviation industry and can tighten the largest of torques with the best accuracy. You can easily buy the best of torque wrenches with specialized function in-line with your job tasks and application, on the web and through the suppliers now.

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