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Different Types of Indoor Plants: Which Is Right for Your Business?

Plants can greatly improve the appearance and environment in our homes, but did you know that they can also be amazing for your business too? Bringing some life inside your workplace improves aesthetics, promotes better physical and emotional wellbeing and encourages better productivity. Some even believe that keeping certain plants in your office or site can bring luck and help you become a better entrepreneur.

But which kind of indoor plants should you choose for the best results? Let’s take a look at the different types of indoor plants to help you to decide which is best for your business.


If you’re looking for a low-maintenance option that you don’t need to water too often, then succulents might be an ideal choice for you. In the winter months, you may only need to water them once a month. But you need to be careful as some species do need watering on a regular basis.

Succulents are also a good choice if you live in temperate regions as they can withstand very low temperatures as well. However, overwatering them does more harm than good. Keeping them in too much shade does affect their growth though: they do better with lots of suns.

Hanging Basket Plants

As the name suggests, these plants hang in a basket or a pot, either from the ceiling or from a support beam. They add an interesting twist to the space and are a great way to make your office look more full and complete. However, watering them can be an issue since they hang above ground level and may be difficult to reach.

Hanging basket plants can be used on a complimentary basis with other indoor plants. Or, if your office is small, you can use these exclusively to save valuable surface space.


A cactus is perhaps the last option which you might pick while choosing an indoor plant for your office. However, cactuses are low-maintenance and can make your office look more exotic. While they do thrive in their original habitat, this doesn’t mean that you can’t make them grow indoors. Small cactus plants do well in pots on desks and other surfaces, or as part of larger displays with various succulents.

Indoor Palm Plants

While they are also a great choice, indoor palms can be expensive compared to other indoor plants. This doesn’t necessarily rule them out, but it is something to consider when choosing the right indoor plants for your business. Palms are great for indoor spaces as they don’t require a lot of sunlight: they prefer to be in partially shady conditions.

Indoor palms look great in offices, but they do need a bit more maintenance and care than some other plants. Insects can be an issue and they may negatively affect these plants. Care must also be taken while watering as overwatering can cause spots on the leaves, while under-watering can turn the leaves yellow.

Foliage Plants

Foliage plants have interesting leaves that add a degree of interest to your indoor garden. Some indoor foliage plants that work well in offices and workplaces are:

  • Green Velvet
  • Arrowhead
  • Heartleaf
  • Mother of Thousands
  • Bird’s Nest Fern

These are just a few – there are many more species of indoor foliage plants. The level of maintenance required depends on the plant you choose, but many of these plants are easy to care for and do well indoors with filtered light.

Large Indoor Plants

Large indoor plants are best suited to big offices and large sites where small pot plants may get lost. Large indoor plants, as you might expect, generally need a greater degree of maintenance, and for obvious reasons usually need a lot more water. They also need to be cleaned regularly, as dust can settle on the large leaves and affect the plant’s well-being.

Flowering Plants

As the name suggests, these plants have attractive flowers. Before you buy a plant of this type for your business, do a bit of research and check the time of year when the flowers bloom to make sure you have the plant during its blooming season.

Some flowering plants also need more light to encourage the flowers to bloom. Therefore, having sufficient light is a pre-condition before choosing this kind of plant. These kinds of plants can also have cleanliness issues as petals may fall on the floor or other surfaces. On the other hand, these are without a doubt aesthetically the most pleasing type of indoor plants and add a beautiful touch to any space.

End Notes

There’s no doubt that indoor plants have many benefits for offices and other workplaces. There are a wide range of different plants you can choose to install in your business, from cactuses and succulents to indoor palms and flowering plants. Of course, having living plants involves a level of care, and some types of plants need more maintenance than others. A specialist greenleaf service can look after your indoor plants and keep them well-maintained, allowing you to enjoy the many benefits of indoor plants without the hassle!

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