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Different Methods Of Adding Streaming Videos To Your Website

Adding video to your website might have been a daunting task in the initial years, but now you can do the same with the help of different tools that are available. Initially, there were different formats for videos and often the viewers did not have the necessary software to view those and the bandwidth was also very limited. Well, presently, though various formats are used for embedding the video but Flash player is predominantly used for this purpose. You can insert the video with ease and also add annotations to the video. Prior to adding the video, make sure its bandwidth and also the space occupied by it in the web page.

Use hyperlink to embed the video

Check with the host the bandwidth allocated to you because if you cross the limit, then you will be charged more. Embedding the movie or streaming video in a website can be accomplished in quite few ways. You can use Hyperlink to embed the video file to the website. Hyperlink or direct link in linked to the video file and the same can be opened in the media player in the device of the user. These direct links give control to the users when playing the same in a preferred player. For the webmasters, this method does not provide hem control as to how the end-users will view the video.

HTML codes and tags

Another way to embed the file is with the help of HTML codes so that they it can be displayed on the webpage. The HTML codes give the webmasters control over how the video will be viewed by the end users. The HTML codes that you will require depend on the format and the type of video file. These codes and tags are different of the various web browsers. These tags are not case sensitive, thus, whether you are using lowercase, uppercase or mixed case will not matter much.

Flash videos in vogue

Flash is the most popular way to embed any video file. So first you need to convert the video file to Flash or .flv format. Few of the editing suites for videos might have converter built in them for this purpose. You can also use a third-party program to convert the video. You need to determine the size of the movie or a video and the data rate. You can create a directory of tools and movie directory in the tool directory of the website. The movie that you want to display in the site now can be placed in the root directory. With the help of the DIV tags in the CSS framework, you can place the streaming video in the website.

New version of THE markup language

A breakthrough in the arena of web designing is HTML5 which is the latest version of the markup language. New features have been incorporated in the old HTML that helps the developer in creating attractive websites. In HTML5, there are various elements to embed a video. In this without the use any third-party plug-in you can insert the video with the help of <video> tags. These tags and codes are compatible to different web browsers. You can add various functionalities to the video with the help of JavaScript.

Know the recent trends

Thus, adding video to the website is easy now with the help of different procedures. Streaming videos have proved to be useful to the websites as they help in improving the ranking of the page and also makes the website interactive. This also helps in generating traffic to the site as information is catered in a light way. Going by the trends of web designing, the use of streaming videos is the latest trend in vogue.

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Emilly Parker is a web designer and in her new blog she has written different ways of embedding videos in the websites. She is very fond of Cable TV as she loves watching the streaming videos.

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