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A Detailed Guide on How to Promote Your App with YouTube Marketing

Do you have an app ready to be promoted? Have you heard a lot about YouTube Marketing and stuff, but don’t know how to go about it? Video Marketing has become a phenomenon since the inception of YouTube in 2005. Back then, due to lack of awareness not many companies were able to take full advantage of this platform.

However, today YouTube accounts for more than 1 billion unique users every single month. Video has become such a powerful medium nowadays that almost anyone can video even the smallest things. As per a recent estimation approximately 8000 years of video content is seen on a daily basis only in USA.

Here in this post, we will show you how to use all sorts of YouTube strategies to promote your app on the No. 1 video platform on the Internet. Some are time consuming while others can be implemented with no time. However, trying to implement as many as possible (possibly all), will definitely help your app dominate on YouTube.

Take your time thinking about the content ideas

Planning how to start your quest is probably the most important part that will determine the app success:

– What niche videos you will be focusing?
– What niche videos type is actually gaining popularity?
– What is so special about your app?
– Can you create manual based videos showing the working of your app?
– Can you take interviews of people who advocate your app?
– How can you differentiate your app from others within a short video?
– Do you know how to go about teaching in your app tutorial videos?

Keep few things in mind before shooting videos

Before you hustle upon creation of videos as soon as you are done with planning, look out for these points for guaranteed benefits:

– Is it taking too much time in creating relevant videos?
– To what level you can use production skills for generating exceptional videos?
– Why people should switch to YouTube to see your video?
– What value do your videos provide to users?
– Is the video content strong enough to gather popularity?

How your videos need to be, in order to gain traction

When promoting an app through your videos, ensure to take as much time as possible. Overlooking little things by creating videos in a hurry can prove fatal and might not be able to gain visitors as expected.

– Have an introduction video containing your app icon and splash screen.
– Watermarking your videos with tiny semitransparent text will make it look different.
– Talk about the app in the video only when it makes sense.
– Generate short links of your videos through,,, and other link shortening services for easy promotion over web.
– Insert annotations that will interlink your videos with one another, so that people switch on watching from your one video to another.

Roll out a promotional trailer to inform about your videos

YouTube does allow to have a separate trailer for your videos to inform brand new visitors or even the existing subscribers. An already returning subscriber will remain updated with your channel, while new visitors will have a window of opportunity to subscribe to your channel.

Optimize video related Meta data for SEO purpose

If you have learnt about App Store Optimization (ASO), then you might be aware about the importance of SEO in making your app searchable on App Stores. It has different perspectives to be touched upon for sure shot optimization.

1.Keyword Research

Research out what keywords or queries a user will search for in the YouTube Search Bar, and see your app in search results. It is very important for your app to be easily searchable in order to gain followers or channel subscribers. Analyze every keyword in detail and see with how many people you are actually competing against. Start with least competitive keywords.


Adding primary keywords in video titles is critically very important for searching your app across YouTube. However, do not stuff keywords. Keyword stuffing will only go against the flow interrupting your app optimization.


Video Description is even more important than title as you have an option to insert good amount of keywords that you might feel limited in the title part. A keyword rich description will help your app to let users get a clear idea of what your app is all about and more importantly let your app videos show up on number of keywords.

Place meaningful comments on related app videos

Communicate with other likeminded marketers who are promoting similar app products on YouTube through a meaningful perspective on the videos they post. Do not only keep praising in order to promote yourself. Just speak out what exactly you feel, whether positive, negative, or neutral.

Be in touch with influential people belonging to same arena

Get yourself start chatting with people owing their own channels with too many subscribers. This is advantageous when you plan to tap into the targeted demographics, without wasting a lot of time. Request them to like, comment, follow, or share your channel if they find it worthwhile to do so.


YouTube is full of marketing opportunities, if you plan to get your app rock the charts on App Stores. With millions of people logging everyday on YouTube, it is not surprising that your app get thousands of views within no time, if the videos correctly optimized for an easy search. A few adjustments here and there is what will take your app to gain a slow and steady success.

You might consider other online marketing strategies over YouTube marketing due to more visibility. However, when YouTube market tapped properly, you can know measure the amount of success that your app can gain in comparison to other Internet marketing tactics. With videos going a long way, this marketing method will only go places.

So next time, create an app video and just upload it on YouTube!

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Mr. Ashesh Shah is the CEO of Fusion Informatics Ltd. and co-founder of Digital Infoware Pvt. Ltd., which are progressive enterprises in the field of web, software, and mobile application development services.

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