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When is Dedicated Server Hosting Solution the Best Hosting Alternative for You?

In dedicated server hosting or managed hosting, the client enterprise will rent a whole server which it does not share with any other users. This gives the client the exclusive right to enjoy all server resources like disk space, bandwidth, processing power, and memory. In dedicated server hosting, the server is typically placed in a data center. So, the provider not only gives the servers and associated hardware for data storage but also offers administration for this facility. This is why dedicated hosting is found to be preferable compared to shared hosting solutions where an entire server’s resources are collectively shared by multiple co-users residing on the same platform. This server management may either be provided by the host or can be enjoyed as add-on services. The host chalks out a Service Level Agreement that categorically outlines all service guarantees that it will provide. It is, therefore, essential that you closely review this agreement.

What benefits can you get with dedicated server hosting?

Dedicated hosting plans provide you with complete control over the server; so, you are free to tweak and configure the server settings to suit your interests. You can also download scripts or software to boost your business. This means that dedicated hosting offers you a high degree of flexibility and scalability because you can avail of more resources when you have to expand. Since resources are not shared, you can enjoy a much higher network uptime and this means that your site will not experience latency issues. You can introduce customized firewalls to control access to data. You are provided with a unique IP address that helps you get SSL certificates for your website. All these features and advantages come for a price making dedicated server hosting the costliest option amongst all hosting alternatives. This also explains why you need to consider some key factors when it comes to finding a dedicated web hosting provider.

To begin with, you must decide on the kind of operating system you want to run on your site, whether Linux or Windows. Choosing Linux is more cost-effective as it is an open source OS. But sites which run applications such as ASP and ASP.NET have to choose Windows dedicated servers because these will run only with Windows settings. For businesses which display a lot of graphics on their site or run game and chat servers, there is a need for choosing servers with multi-processors. Depending on whether you choose managed or unmanaged dedicated server hosting, your costs will also vary. While unmanaged hosting is cheaper because server management is taken care of by the client, managed hosting is costlier as the provider is responsible for troubleshooting server-related problems.

When choosing a provider, you need to find out about their uptime guarantees that is mentioned in the SLA and also about the costs involved like monthly charges, prices of upgrades and updates, installation and licensing fees, migration fees, cancellation fees if any etc. You need to find out where the data center is located when choosing a provider. Finally, the degree of technical support that you get from a host is a critical determinant when it comes to choosing a dedicated host. The provider should ideally guarantee round-the-clock technical supports through emails, phone calls, and live chats.

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