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Dealing With Work Burnout: Top 5 Signs You Need a Vacation From Work!

Workplace burnout is a common problem that affects the lifestyle and health of the workers. Despite the fact that it is a detrimental thing for the well-being of workers, there are not many people who are interested in taking a long holiday to rejuvenate the lost spark from their job which in turn lead to a feeling of stress and anxiety.

Part of the problem is associated with employees insecurities about their job. The majority of the workers who hesitate to take a long break from work fear that they will be looked down on by their management and coworkers. A fraction of employees does not consider taking the vacation from work as they feel insecure about their job.

No matter what the reasons are, when your job becomes detrimental to your health, then it is important to distance yourself from outer your work in order to avoid facing the music of work burnout. Avoiding a break in such a scenario can have serious repercussions on your life and health.

According to Statista, work-related activities are the second leading factor for stress (64%) in the United States of America. The survey also revealed that two-third of Americans feels stressed due to work-related issues. Work-related stress is also responsible for the decline in productivity of one-third of the workers by 3-5 days every year.

The bottom-line is:

“When your work life becomes a threat to your well-being, it is important to have a break from work and find solace in serenity. But if you are not sure about whether you need a vacation from work, let us help you with the following 5 signs:

1.    You Feel Stressed

As the primary factor for work burnout, stress can wear you out both physically and mentally. Feeling stressed can lead to the feeling of exhaustion and fatigue. When hitting the pillow becomes the only thing after you return home because you feel too tired to do anything, then it is about time that you take a break from your work.

2.    You Lack Proper Sleep

Too much work-related stress deprives you of having proper sleep. Similarly, the lack of sleep promotes higher stress levels and anxiety, leading you to feel fatigued at work. Lack of sleep also makes you feel lethargic and sleepy at work and severely affects your productivity.

If you constantly feel drowsy and tired while doing your job and if this is what causing a decline in your work performance, then you should definitely take a vacation from work.

3.    You Are Detached With Your Social Life

Losing your interaction with the outside world is one of the primary reasons that you are suffering from repercussions of overwork. Often, employees spend excessive time in the workplace to meet the tight deadlines set by the management which result in compromise of their social life.

When spending time with your social circles becomes an occasional affair which is celebrated only on special occasions, such as religious festivals or family events, then it is probably the time that you should seek refuge in a holiday spot to get back to your routine life.

4.    You Have Lost the Spark in Your Work

Passion is the driving force behind the success of any worker. But when you lack that passion of going to the office every day and spending eight hours on your desk becomes the most challenging task of your life, it means that you are fed up of doing your job, and you need to distance yourself from glitches of your daily work-related activities.

5.    You Live With Body Pain and Headaches

Too much work puts your health at risk, and its negative effects are immediately felt in your body. Back pain, migraine, and spasm are all signs that your body is not taking the pressure of your work and it needs some rest.

Work burnout is a common concern for workers who slog their time to meet expectations of their boss. However, the success of your organization should not be achieved at the expense of your health and well-being. So if you are suffering from any of the listed 5 signs, then you should definitely take a leave from your job in order to recuperate from the residual effects of work burnout.

Priscilla Ellie is a digital marketing manager for an online startup that offers assignment assistance, academic and career consultancy. She’s a passionate writer and enjoys covering a wide variety of social media topics including Facebook ad tips, Pinterest marketing, etc.

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