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Dating Website Design – The Inside Look At Online Matchmaking

Our lives are constantly evolving with the changing dynamics of technology easing communication between any two people irrespective of their geo-physical location. Today no man is bound by the barriers of countries or borders in order to interact with another in real time from halfway across the globe. With internet playing more and more a pivotal role in relation building through chats and social networking, dating has also found its new avatar. Online dating websites have emerged as matchmaking interfaces playing the role of the modern day cupid, bridging hearts and diminishing boundaries. Dating website design has thus become a profitable medium for start-ups to invest their capital into and get maximum value out of their venture within a short time. Let’s take a look at some of its prime advantages.

1) Convenient, Easy and Fast Date Finder – Compared to traditional dating and matchmaking involving agencies an online dating site offers much more convenience and flexibility to users. First of all the user gets the freedom to join multiple dating websites using different ‘usernames’€™ keeping his/her identity anonymous. Then a user can also browse through numerous profiles featured on a dating site ‘€˜fast’€™ and get easy access to connect with the prospective users. All they have to do is create a detailed profile of themselves in the dating websites in order to confirm their registration. Most dating website designs accommodate a detailed personal profile builder application complete with fields for profile picture upload, profile name, age, sex, education, interest and hobbies, as well as specific physical features like colour of eyes, body type, hair colour, and ethnicity and so on. This helps other users in the selection process. Further an ‘About Us’€ field is also included under the profile builder application where the new user can describe him/her in a few words. All of these customization facilities increase chances of finding an ideal date for the user.

2) Respects Privacy of Lonely Hearts – Privacy is the number one concern for any individual while signing up with a dating website in order to find a potential date/partner. Most online dating websites are designed in such a way so as to respect and maintain privacy of individuals who are site members. In fact, online dating websites works best for those who are by nature shy or bit uncomfortable discussing their privacy and preferences of partners in public. Online dating website designs helps them to relax and encourages them to disclose their choices and needs to the prospective member of the same/opposite sex in a serene mind set without getting nervous, while maintaining and respecting their privacy.

3) Avoiding Embarrassments – In the real world there are many people who don’t have the courage to disclose their inner feelings to someone they like. But an online atmosphere is very different. The shy person next door you know might sound very sporting and verbal while discussing something private with you over the internet. That’s where you can get to know the real person behind the masquerade of ‘coyness’€™. Further there is no question of feeling embarrassed even if your offer is turned down in the cyberspace, as only you and your prospective partner is involved in the decision making process. No third party interference is allowed in online dating websites. It’€™s strictly a one to one communication channel.

4) More Chances Of Meeting Your Mr/Mrs Right – Though this may sound a bit cliched, but the truth is today an increasing number of matches start from online dating websites. The chances of such online meet-ups result in prolonged attachment with one another, which in due course crosses the threshold of the web world and culminates in meetings and dates outside the web resulting in ‘real world’€™ love tie-ups.

To someone who’s lonely at heart or who finds thrill in meeting people from opposite/same sex (as per their preferences) and intend to build a thriving relationship, an online dating site could be a blessing in disguise. For entrepreneurs investing in dating website design is thus a profitable venture and one that promises huge returns within a short time.

Written By

Koustuv Roy is an expert writer, speaker and blogger. He is also an expert in the field of web design and development and has worked on several premier web design assignments from across different business verticals. Here he offers an insider’s guide on the prime advantages of opting for dating website design.



  1. Katie J.

    January 27, 2014 at 10:07 pm

    Nice post.
    I didn’t know how many dating sites were out there at first, wow so many.
    And they all seem full of people!

  2. Mohit Rajwani

    January 28, 2014 at 8:24 pm

    Starting a dating site is now very common but yes they are very good source of creating some good money.

  3. Khushal Rao

    January 31, 2014 at 7:01 pm

    Thanks Koustuv for sharing, A dating website could be in buzz if it is established properly as the Valentines Season is about to come…. Good Luck

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