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Data Science Professional move Beyond Online Programs to Augment Your Career!

A data science professional needs to look beyond regular programs to steer her data science career through this global pandemic.

As the pandemic keeps digging its claws into the global economy drawing blood leading to numerous layoffs, and voluntary job cuts among other things, data science is one role or profession that seems to be less affected by all this.

Reason – a data science professional brings to the table – a knowledge pool and experience required to deal with the crisis.

It is important to understand that data science is not an easy field. A Data Science professional has to be competent in mathematics, statistics, computer science, and some black magic. Well, yes, black magic – but not the kind you are thinking about. When we talk about black magic here it means that a data science professional knows how to apply data science techniques to get the desired results.

One of the growing fields in the middle of 2020, every second job ad demands a certified data science professional. But with every second data science professional flaunting certification in data science, how do you differentiate yourself from your peers?

By going that extra mile!

This is where all your skills, knowledge, and qualifications will be tested. Yes, certifications do play an important part in landing your dream job. However, in the current scenario, you will need more than a data science certification that will help you establish yourself as a successful data science professional.

You are tech-savvy, and you have an internet connection, so why not browse through some of the portfolios of successful data scientists and create your portfolio?

You need to showcase your skills through your portfolio, wherein you can showcase the work you are interested in and what you can do.

These are the times when being practical is more important as compared to doing online programs or taking part in Kaggle. Why? The free competitions at Kaggle have become to put it at best a dump yard of useless models that don’t fit anymore. With real competitions dominated by teams that are hard to compete with.

That’s why building your online portfolio where you can showcase your work will always go a long way.

Of course, you can also give wings to your data science career by choosing one of the best data science certifications available in the market, to add to your portfolio that would further enhance your market value.

Check out the data science certifications from numerous reputed credentialing bodies like data science certifications from Dell EMC and other credible bodies like eCornell data science. And while you are at it do check out another credentialing body the Data Science Council of America aka DASCA.

Working diligently in the field of data science The Data Science Council of America offers the industry well-trained and highly qualified candidates – who can take on any challenge thrown at them and succeed at them hands down. DASCA offers six certifications in the field of data science across three dimensions namely Data Analyst, Data Engineer, and Data Science.

With each vertical offering two certifications for the professionals – one at the beginning of the career level and the other at the senior level. Associate of Big Data Analyst and Senior Big Data Analyst are the two certifications in the field of Data Analyst.

Associate of Big Data Engineer and Senior Big Data Engineer are the two certification programs for professionals in the Data Engineer field. DASCA offers a Senior Data Scientist certification program for all enthusiastic candidates who wish to escalate their careers to the next level in the data science industry.

Each of these certification programs from DASCA has its own candidacy track and eligibility criteria, which the candidates check from the website and apply for suitable certification in data science.

Are you wondering why should you go for certifications in data science? Then keep reading –

  • Certifications are a third-party validation of your skills – that would place you higher in the eyes of prospective recruiters
  • Certification in data science from DASCA especially is vendor-neutral and program agnostic – implying as a certified professional you could work across any platform and with any software.

You know you want to be a data science professional, you also know the importance of certification so what are you waiting for? Get on the internet, get certified, and instead of waiting for a job give your data science career wings by creating your portfolio online.

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