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Data Classification Solutions for all Businesses

How much potentially sensitive data is stored or in use at any one time throughout your business systems? Take a moment to think about: it’s a lot, yes? Furthermore, how many people have access to such data, and are there some who may be able to access data that is not of relevance to them? Of course, you will have made sure that people can only get into the levels of data they need to be party to, but mistakes do happen. Also, the subject of online security of data has been a hot topic thanks to a number of high profile hacking cases in recent years.

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How long ago was your data security software installed or updated? If it is anything more than a few weeks from an update you need to review your processes, and this applies especially if you are using cloud based storage. This is a great method of freeing up storage space on site but it does have its security issues. Who can access your cloud storage system? Is that a worrying question? If so, you also need to enhance your security with data classification solutions.

Data classification is about assessing the level of the information being stored or processed – and in particular on creation, a point in the cycle that is particularly vulnerable – in order to be able to limit access to only those who need to see or use the information contained. Such systems provide a vital service and can be automated to cut down on expenses and use of resources, and establish a hierarchy not just on the basis of the content of the file or database, but on the context of its use. This sophisticated software can be bought for a relatively low investment and is certainly worth it.

For the most efficient data protection you need to make sure that data is looked after at the point of creation, when it is in use, when it is being transferred and when it is stored. All of these areas of data usage are open to security issues and need to be considered very carefully indeed. Only by using the very best data protection systems can you be certain of attaining the highest levels of security, and while no online security package can claim to be 100% guaranteed, there are some that offer levels of sophistication that are of a very high level and come with excellent reputations.

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