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Cut Through The Noise: Use Social Media Marketing Effectively

Since the inception of Facebook in 2004, more than a billion (yes, that’s billion) users have joined the social networking website. No doubt, some aren’t active users – and others are downright addicted! People can spend entire days talking to each other, visiting profiles of others, and finding out information about others. With customizable options and privacy settings, more and more people are getting comfortable with Facebook and Twitter.

Twitter is a micro blogging service, also used by millions across the globe. This is communications on a massive scale! Being a business entrepreneur, you no doubt see the possibilities … but how do you get noticed on the crowded networks? What can you do to make use of social media marketing in the most effective manner?


Don’t go into this blind. Take some time to learn how social media really works. Check out daily trends in order to see what people tend to hook on to. Just tapping in to niches without any background research can often cause a negative reaction, so proper planning is of the utmost importance. Do some reading, check out a current webinar, and browse relevant articles. Get a sense of the space you’re about to invade!


If you want your social media marketing campaign to work, you need a structured strategy, right from the get-go. Get organized. Know the demographics you’re aiming for and set a clear purpose for your social media efforts. Not sure what to set for a goal? Are you looking to spread brand awareness? Capture new customers? Stake a claim and ward off competitors.

Focus Your Efforts

Before you start your social media marketing plan, make sure you limit your scope. Just target a few specific web pages and try to increase the overall number of visitors on a page by making use of a systematic, targeted approach throughout the month. If you are able to show improvement, it is important not to divert your attention only towards Reddit and Digg, despite them being the two most popular social media tools for marketing.

Build Your Followers

Do not underestimate the power of Facebook and Twitter. Regular Twitter use can get you followers, and because most of these followers make use of Twitter every second of the day, you are bound to get noticed once or twice throughout the day. Create a page on Facebook and check out the results. If you do it right and maintain a proper page with regular, relevant posting, you are bound to attract positive attention for your website.

Looking to increase followers? Try a promotion  – offer customers a discount if they “follow” you on Twitter or “Like” your Facebook page. Remember: not only will these people be constantly reminded of your company, but their followers will be too.


Learn from what you do: watch what works, and what doesn’t. The best way to truly cut through the noise and the fluff that proliferates the Internet is to be relevant. Give people a reason to notice you – and don’t waste their time. Tips, promotions, specials, information… this is the stuff that gets you noticed.

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