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Creating the Perfect Home Cinema Setup

When we think of Home Cinema systems we think of them being way out of our own price range and only for the homes of the very rich or famous. That’s not the case anymore though, prices have come down dramatically but aside from that, people have also realised that you don’t have to buy the whole setup in one big purchase, you can take your time in building it all up and doing it this way means you can keep adding new technology as it is released. There are differing opinions as to what should be included in the perfect home setup, obviously a TV is a must and the same with a DVD or Blu-ray player as you can’t really experience the “cinema” side of things without them, you will need to make sure both the TV and DVD Player are equipped with AV receivers available at Superfi. To make it a truly authentic cinema experience many people have chosen to install a Surround Sound System and there is a great range of wireless speakers available (some of which are very small but can have a range of up to 30 metres) to help you avoid the clutter and mess of tangled wires when setting this up.

home cinema system

Once you have completed the visual side of things it’s time to start building up your music and audio system, you need not have a big and bulky stereo for this. If you lack the space, an IPod dock available at Superfi will work just as well for you, with the added advantage of charging your device while you listen.  You will also be able to connect your IPod up to the wireless speakers in your surround sound system so you can listen to music all over the house without having to have multiple docking stations or stereos in separate rooms of the house or in your garden.

Those are the basic items needed for an attractive home cinema setup but many people choose to add extras such as games consoles, which can give you access to different online video applications and a vast catalogue of different films and TV Shows on demand, usually for a monthly subscription fee. In addition to this there will be access to free radio stations thereby enhancing your audio and visual pleasure. If you are not a fan of games consoles then an alternative option is to connect your PC to your TV with a wireless keyboard and mouse which will give you access to the same video applications with the added advantage of giving you access to your full music library. With all this sorted all you need to consider now is who’s turn it is to make the popcorn.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Tushar

    September 10, 2013 at 2:34 pm

    Nice setup Is that image the actual projection on screen? It looks photoshopped (and I mean that as a compliment not a criticism/complaint!)

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