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cPanel VPS Hosting Explained In Pros and Cons

Choosing a suitable hosting service that takes care of all server side issues in a business environment is often not easy to decide. There are too many pros and cons concerning every different type of hosting service. But after all considerations these days the verdict of majority of business users goes to VPS hosting as it offers really competitive hosting package with better control, ease and performance attributes of dedicated environment. Furthermore, now VPS hosting comes bundled with feature rich and performance driven Linux based cPanel interface which offers optimum ease, flexibility and customization to the webmasters. In weighing the pros of cPanel VPS hosting against the cons one must feel as lost, because there is hardly any aspect that this hosting technology is fallen short of.

Pros of cPanel VPS hosting

cPanel is a Linux based control panel interface that rose to popularity and wide acclamation among hosting service providers and webmasters worldwide thanks to its great user control interface that address almost all issues concerning ease, flexibility, features, performance and security. If VPS gives you the benefit of dedicated server at a cost of shared hosting environment then cPanel interface further adds real power of control to it. Let us have a quick look at the key pros that goes in favor of this hosting plan.

Email management: To ensure optimized control and ease in business communication server side email management features can really play a decisive role. From customizing mail services for different domains to setting up filters, auto responders, blocking spam, creating email lists, securing emails with multi-step authentication process and allowing individual user specific control on emails, cPanel gives every type of control over your business communication needs.

Domain and file management: cPanel makes it extremely easier to manage, change and monitor multiple domains along with their range of web files. From multiple device access with easy interface to managing multiple FTP accounts to session control to backing up files, for a webmaster managing files become extremely conveniently with cPanel in his VPS hosting plan. Managing, creating, monitoring and viewing sub-domains are also lot quicker and easy with cPanel VPS hosting.

Security and protection: Websites get far enhanced protection and security measures from malware threats or any threats concerning data security with this hosting plan. From password protection, hotlink protection to IP manager to prevent unauthorized access of non-permissible IP addresses to the server, the client enjoys full control over the accessibility of the users and full server side protection from any threats.

Finally, with command line script cPanel VPS hosting makes it extremely convenient for the webmaster to address any issues concerning the server performance, speed, security and other problems.

Cons of cPanel VPS hosting

All great benefits and user friendly features apart, cPanel VPS hosting is still not offered by most hosting service providers at a very competitive price. That is one reason that still leaves enough room for either dedicated hosting or shared hosting to creep in. Typical server side apps and configuration also vary among hosting providers and you need to close in to their offered feature set before deciding to go onboard.

Finally, in all considerations cPanel VPS hosting still seems to be the best hosting solution for enterprises that need comprehensive hosting package with greater control, performance and richer features at a competitive price.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Lisa Chaves

    February 24, 2016 at 12:28 pm

    Well, Cpanel VPS Hosting has all the benefits and it fits into all kind of customers needs. i personally used VPS from different hosting providers and I can easily call it satisfying, only when it is bought from a reliable host.

    BTW, it can be hard for newbies to get VPS as it costs more.

    But still it’s worth going for it.

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