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Content Writing Tips For Newsletter Writers

Newsletters generate leads and are one of the most cost effective marketing tools that yield great results for businesses. When compared to traditional ads, newsletters are considered to have four times more readership. That’s because, readers find newsletters to be more credible than ads. And also, newsletters pave the way to stay in touch with your customers and can increase brand awareness. However, newsletters are great only if it has prefect written content. Here are a few content writing tips for newsletter writers:

ü  Know Your Audience:

Before you start writing a newsletter, think from your audience perspective. Consider writing on topics that they will enjoy reading. Ensure that your newsletter is about what your readers like.

ü  Keep the News New:

While choosing a topic, consider writing on happening events or important issues or information. Do remember that nobody will be interested in reading about events that happened long back. Try to be interesting and offer something new to your readers.

ü  A Wire Frame:

Once you decide your topic, make a sketch of what should be written. Then, try improvising the sketch and draft your newsletter. Writing a newsletter isn’t an easy task. Trust me, if you don’t plan and sketch out what you are going to write, then you will end up hitting ‘Delete’ or ‘Backspace’ keys a lot.

ü  Research:

Now that you have made up your mind on what you should write, spend some valuable time on research. Try including direct quotes from interviews, facts about your topic and even statistics if available. Gather all the necessary information and find resources before you write your article. This will make your newsletter even more interesting.

ü  Get to the Point:

Try to be brief and give your readers the maximum information possible in minimum words. You can use bullets to highlight the important points. Split them into lots of paragraphs and ensure your sentences are short and concise. In short, you aren’t providing the full details about your product, but just an overview to your customers.

ü  Interesting Headlines:

Readers will love to have lively headlines. Have catchy titles and don’t reveal the entire news in your headlines making it long. Keep in mind, the headlines also need to offer a benefit or should have a call to action. In my opinion, only interesting headlines will grab your readers’ attention.

ü  Images:

Insert pictures that will enhance your newsletter. It can be photographs of important events or sketches of your new product. This will help your readers to connect to your newsletter easily.

ü  Proofread:

Now that you are done with your article, proofread for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Check voice consistency and get your article through online grammar checkers. Ensure your newsletter is error-free, as even a few typos or grammatical errors will annoy your readers and make them ignore your write up.

Apart from these things, you can also encourage your readers to share feedback, conduct contests, etc. If you are writing a newsletter, all you need to do is have a positive approach and follow these simple tips to get your readers engaged and entertained.

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  1. Evan

    February 12, 2013 at 2:33 pm

    get to the point is vitally important, well, at least for me. I have all this watery articles, about everything and as a result about nothing. You can be a bright example of brevityю Just straight about the topic! Great thanks for that!

  2. Ravi

    February 12, 2013 at 4:17 pm

    I guess of all the Points you have Mentioned Proofreading is Most Important steps which most of the Bloggers Don’t Imply or forget to make a Move for it. A Blogger learns all other steps as He moves forward in his blogging journey but slowly forgets to Proofreading too.

  3. myles

    February 13, 2013 at 1:45 am

    Some really great tips on writing good content for Newsletters. As it is different from writing it on BLog posts. The info needs to seductive , informative and short as well 😉

  4. Alice Calch

    September 16, 2015 at 12:23 pm

    Thanks, awesome tips. But we shouldn’t forget about grammar and spelling. I have some problems with that )

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