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Content Marketing – the Right Balance for Lead Nurturing

Content Marketing can be super irresistible as long as you do the strategic things correctly. Strategy comes in the approach of creating constant valuable content and then distributing it to retain a well-defined audience. Clearly, the goal of any marketing is to drive profitable customer action. This post focuses on one of the absolute basics – implementing the balance and lead nurturing.

Content Marketing & Balance

It’s extremely important to focus on the needs of your marketplace, rather than your own needs. People can tell instantly when a service provider has this balance wrong. A very common example we see daily is when we arrive on sites and get hit by sales messages, banners and pop-ups – all demanding we do something for them. That’s the completely wrong balance for successful content marketing.

The base of a great content campaign is to deliver extremely useful information (based on proven facts and data). As a result, the targeted group of people will consider it valuable enough to subscribe to and share it socially. You get their attention and position yourself as the subject expert. It makes your chances extremely high that they contact you whenever they have a requirement for something concerned with your expertise.

Tilting the Balance

If you are a service provider looking forward to attracting client queries online, your content balance should be heavily tilted towards interactive content platform alternatives. Interactive content attracts your audience, initiate the conversation (queries, social media sharing, and blog comments), pump up website traffic, and improve ROI, therefore.  Don’t forget, if your content is worthy enough, people will subscribe to it, share it and return to your blog frequently. You just need to plug-in the functionality (Sharing/Subscription) smoothly.

You don’t need to push sales messages at people about how awesome you are, just make it easy for them to contact you. A dedicated contact page with an address, phone number, and email address is all you need. If you use a contact form, remember that for every additional required field, you will lose X% of inquiries. If you’re OK about that, a form is fine.

How to Quickly Get More Clients, Sales, and Inquiries from Your Site

I want to start with a question for you.  If I went to your site right now, how likely would it be that I would instinctively or intuitively be able to find your action pages?  By action pages, I’m talking about the pages on your site, where I could buy from you, hire you, subscribe to your newsletter or RSS feed etc.

Make Your Site’s Action Pages Easy to Find & Lose the Clutter

Many websites have so many different options to bombard their visitor’s senses, that the odds on a visitor being able to easily navigate from where they land, to the correct action page, is very small.  In short, the more options, buttons, and destinations you place on a site, the less likely someone is to click the primary page or pages you are interested in.

Some people use pop-up boxes, believing it’s the box’s ability to “pop up” that generates sign-ups.  This is NOT the case!  They often see more sign-ups, but purely because the visitor is faced with a very limited set of options: Either sign-up, exit the box or leave.  Like many experienced ‘net users, I tend to leave sites that use pop-ups, because of their ability to deliver malware, but others will click and that’s why some people use them.  Why do most of the world’s top blogs not use pop-ups?  Because when you make it easy for people to find the relevant pages, you don’t need them – Plus you don’t lose all that traffic from sophisticated web users, who don’t trust pop-up code.

Here’s What Experts Do!

On their marketing blog, many bloggers insert a small two sentence call to action box at the bottom of every post.  Why?  People are most likely to want to learn more about their marketing services after they have just learned something valuable from one of the blog posts.  At the exact point where they have read the post and are thinking in glowing terms about marketing expertise, they see a simple message, letting them know that they can help them market their business.

Every hour of every day, someone clicks that link and it generates inquiries for their services all day every day.

An Exercise for You

Here are a few questions, to help you spot potential obstacles and increase sales / inquires on your site:

  • If I go to your website or blog right now, how many options are there to distract me away from the ACTUAL page where I spend money with you or inquire about your services?
  • If I have just read a great post by you (or a sales page on your website) and I now want to find out about hiring you, my eyes are at the bottom of that blog post or marketing page I just read.  What call to action from you, can I easily see from there (without having to scroll)?
  • How clearly do you label the links or buttons that point to the areas on your site, where you want me to go?

Good luck and if you can think of anything else profitable for us – let me know

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