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Considering a LinkedIn Ad Campaign? Here are 4 Must Dos

According to an article in Time, LinkedIn has 433 million users around the world as of July 2016. This includes executives of almost every Fortune 500 company across the world. This makes LinkedIn a necessity for every small business. It can help you make connections and grow your business from the comfort of your office.

In fact, marketing surveys have revealed that 91% of the digital marketers use LinkedIn for effective campaigns. The perfect logical explanation for this is that out of all the top social media platforms available, this platform is the most B2B-centric.

Current Use & Effectiveness

Another report published by the B2B News Network reveals that 80% of B2B marketers want to boost their LinkedIn usage. The same survey also reported that around 45% of the respondents believed that their Facebook efforts were ineffective.

According to a study by Pew Research Center, the usage of LinkedIn is especially high among people with annual household income of above $75,000. People who are in the age group of 50-64 years are the highest users of this social networking site, making it the right place to attract the top brass.

LinkedIn advertisements are effective because they come with features like reserving your preferred audience and making sure the message reaches your target customer. Since this platform is professionally focused, users expect these ad campaigns to be conversations about business. There are several types of ads that you can choose from, depending on your specific domain of business. But there are several things to be kept in mind to make the campaign successful. Here are a few tips that to help you with managing your campaign on this platform better.

How to Make Your LinkedIn Ad Campaign a Success

Create the right message: The thing to keep in mind while deciding on a message is that at the end of the day, this is a social media site and people flock to such places because of the social aspect as well. So, the message should be interesting, social and should have a conversational approach that engages the target audience. It should concentrate on your target’s problems and offer them solutions. So, make sure you create content that speaks directly to your prospective customer base. The beauty of LinkedIn is that you have the option to tailor your answer to every customer query separately.

Target Audience: Targeting a specific group relevant to your business is a great way to improve your business. Make sure to choose the right target group. Discover which groups are ideal for your product or service, and target the ads to them specifically. The best part is that LinkedIn ads allow marketers to choose specific people within an industry, irrespective of whether they are from the front office or the CEO of the company, say experts at SEMGeeks. Breaking up your target audience according to demographics, such as job titles, industry size, seniority, etc, can also be helpful for targeting.

Testing: Since there is more than one version of advertisement available on LinkedIn, it is advisable to test different versions of the ad to find out which one is the most effective for your type of business. Changing the image, headline, text or destination can help you figure out what appeals to which type of audience, thereby helping you figure out the optimum usage of your advertisement.

Measure the performance of your ad: Keeping a track of the performance of your ad will help in increasing your ROI. The LinkedIn ad campaign manager tab can help you monitor and measure the performance of your campaign. Since the cost of LinkedIn ads tend to be a little higher than that for other social media platforms, it is better to pay close attention and figure out what is working for you and what is not. You can then tweak your campaign accordingly to ensure maximum ROI.

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Marcelo Fincher is a blogger & writer on technology related topics with years of experience in studying technological advancements. In his spare time, Marcelo likes to read books and take a walk on the beach.

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