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Why You Should Consider SMB Network Security As A Service

Despite what you may believe it is not just the Big Business targets that hackers are after; your small or medium sized business is also at risk. Consider the amounts of data that you transmit digitally every day; not only that, but also think about the amount of personal data held on your network storage. Whether you have thee employees or 300 you will undoubtedly have access to their bank details, address and other personal information, all of which can be useful to unscrupulous persons, and all of which it is your duty to protect.

network as a service

Of course you will already have a network security system in place; how long, however, has it been since it was reviewed and upgraded? It is often overlooked as a routine, but given the increasingly sophisticated methods of hacking and breaching security this could be a dangerous mistake. You need to keep updating your SMB network security on a regular basis, and this can be time consuming and costly. What is the solution? Consider SMB network security as a service. There are professional companies who can implement and manage your network security to the highest possible degree, and it really is worth the investment.

First, it takes the worry of network security out of your hands; second, for these people it is their business – they know what they are doing – while your expertise is elsewhere, so your security system is likely to be an off the shelf product that provides decreasing levels of protection over time. By considering and implementing security as a service you are not only investing wisely for your peace of mind, but also giving your clients a further reason to deal with you: they, after all, will be transmitting and receiving potentially sensitive information to and from you on a regular bases, and need to be assured it is safe and secure.

SMB security as a service is a growing choice as the levels of necessary cyber security – and the associated threats and risk – increase rapidly. It is no longer sufficient to use that once suitable off the shelf anti-malware and spyware product; you need something above and beyond that, no matter how small your business may be. With the added peace of mind of monitoring incoming and outgoing data, plus regular assessment of the system, you are assured of a better level of security with a managed security network, so check it out further and make sure you are fully protected.

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Marketing Manager, Allot Communications.

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