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Comparing Pinngle with WhatsApp, Viber

With the advent of technology, there are a lot of communication means available that have made life easier. From such variety and options, it can be hard for you to discern the best to meet your requirements and needs. So, here we will be discussing a few well-known smartphone messaging and calling apps to help you for comparison purposes.

Pinngle is a free application that offers its users the facility to stay in touch via call or messaging for free. The best thing about Pinngle is that it can work everywhere, anywhere and even on a poor internet connection. With its Pinngle Out app, you can also make cheap international calls at affordable rates. More of its glaring features include end-to-end encryption of data for utmost confidentiality and to provision its users with privacy and security. Pinngle has also distinguished itself from other mobile apps with its HD video calls at 720 p resolution. Moreover, it is very economical in its battery consumption and can increase your mobility by 1.5 times. Pinngle has also made the sharing of media files amongst its users a highly convenient and easy task, with no limit on file size or format. And with its location sharing feature, you can never be lost in a new place.

Pinngle vs. WhatsApp

Now let us compare these features with the popular WhatsApp. It is one of the most used applications with over a billion users in more than 180 countries and just like Pinngle it is absolutely free. It started as an alternative to SMS and has become a global phenomenon. Again, like Pinngle it offers the facility of send and receives media files like photos, documents, videos, and text but you might encounter a problem with certain file formats and it also puts a limit of 100 MB in document sending. Similar to Pinngle, WhatsApp also offers free voice calls, video calls and has a location sharing feature like it. They both use end-to-end encryption of data to secure the messages and calls. No third party including, WhatsApp or Pinngle can read or listen to their user’s calls and messages.

Pinngle vs. Viber

Now let us see how Pinngle compares with a less popular app called Viber. It may not be as popular as WhatsApp but it still has 800 million users to its credit. The Viber community includes people from around the world who are connected to each other through it. Like Pinngle, it too is a free application that claims to provide the most comprehensive communication experience. Other than simple calling and messaging services it can also be used for group chats, video calls or larger scale public chats. You simply need a phone number to start using Viber, it does not require separate registration but that is pretty much the case with other such apps as well. It also provisions media file transfer facility and location sharing. Just like Pinngle Out, Viber Out also exists but is used to call mobile and landline accounts. Also, unlike Pinngle which provides HD video calls, Viber offers HD voice calls.

You can download Pinngle app on your Android or Apple smartphone and delve deeper and explore its features!

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