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Common Website Mistakes That Kill Conversions

Your website could be reliable, eye-catching, and seemingly polished. But if it contains any of a number of seemingly benign errors, you could be letting countless potential customers and clients slip through your fingers. These mistakes will kill your conversions. They include ineffectual ad copy, unnecessary features, and off-putting security.

Ineffectual Ad Copy

At the birth of modern advertising, most advertisements merely informed the audience of the product’s existence. At best, they would explain the product’s benefits in a verbose or generic manner. Your ad copy needs to do more. Consumers have long been resistant to these ancient tactics; a visitor won’t turn into a customer unless they are inspired to. Bland, overly long, or unexciting ad copy is a conversion killer. Ad copy should grab the audience on an emotional level and quickly spur them toward a specific action. Of course, ad copy should not sound bossy or overtly manipulative. Certain products or services demand more subtlety than others. However, strengthening your ad copy with more appealing calls to action can turn this conversion killer into a conversion winner.

Unnecessary Features

The more options a website offers, the better, right? Not always. Studies show that when potential customers are given too many options to consciously compare, they feel overwhelmed and are less likely to buy anything. Having too many options, and presenting those options poorly, is a conversion killer. Only give users the options they need when they need them. Don’t drag them away from a shopping cart checkout page with distracting advertisements. Don’t give them a butt
on to reset a modestly sized registration form. Don’t make them jump through hoops to get what you both want. Decrease the customer’s cognitive load and give them the options that matter in an intuitive format. The conversion rate will show it.

Off-Putting Security

What if your grocery store cart vanished whenever you took more than two steps away from it? Don’t put your website customers through a similarly frustrating ordeal with unnecessarily expiring sessions. In many cases there is never any need to forcibly log users out. Where money or highly personal information is involved, it may make sense to log users out after a period of time. In these cases, however, the website should save all form information the user has entered so far for their next visit. If users see your website pour their efforts down the drain, they will become irritated and mistrustful. Nothing could kill a conversion faster.

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Eric Wyatt writes on internet marketing and social media. He particularly focuses on conversion rate optimization and landing page design.



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