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Combine Your Social Media Efforts with Content Marketing to Maximize Leads

Many business owners still think that social media and blogging are two different things altogether, but in reality, it is exactly not the case. The saying “Content is Fire and Social Media is Gasoline” fits perfect for them. Your content is the major element that makes your audience to take the desired action, but your social media efforts help your content to spread like wildfire. Therefore, both entities work together in order to make the process of lead generation effective.

Content marketing and social media marketing are critical factors and it’s very important for digital marketers to come up with a perfect strategy that combine both. In this blog, you’ll find out how to combine your social media efforts with content marketing to grow leads and generate massive traffic to your website.

Share Your Content on Social Media:

One of the most successful social media marketing techniques is curating content for influencers’ blogs and media sites. If truth be told, there is a ratio of 80:20 that means, 80% curated content and 20% created content.

If you are curating content and mentioning the influencer or giving credit to that site which content you are sharing, you are likely to grow your fan base and user engagement. You can take maximum advantage of it and grow your following by sharing your content with them.

Use Twitter Wisely:

Twitter has an option to retweet your previous tweets, you can get the most out of this option. Plus, you can use social automation tools, such as Buffer, HubSpot, Meet Edgar and so on. You can search through your previous tweets and repurpose them as a whole new tweet for your followers.

An average lifespan of a tweet is about 18 minutes; therefore, it is more likely that your audience didn’t see your tweets the first time around. And if you retweet your tweets appropriately, it’ll increase your chances of getting maximum exposure. Try to make your social media sharing as easy as possible and every few weeks, even months, go back and retweet some of your past tweets.

Make Your Content Shareable:

If your blog still doesn’t have social media sharing buttons, then seriously you are missing out on a huge opportunity of getting massive traffic. You can earn traffic through social shares of your blog content, infographics and slideshares. This type of earned traffic is better than owned traffic that you get from your social media channels or paid traffic that you get from sponsored ads.

By incorporating social sharing buttons to your blog content, you are actually giving your readers an opportunity to share your content on their profiles. And as long as you are sharing engaging and quality content on your blog, readers who read it and like it will surely be going to share your post with their friends’ circle.

Add Click to Tweet Button on Your Blogs Posts:

Take your social sharing one step ahead and pre-write an existing tweet for your audience. Simply choose a good one-liner, interesting stats or fact or a quote and write a one sentence summary, add a link and you are all done. Your readers will immediately tweet it while reading your blog post.

Keep in mind that in this fast-paced digital world, internet users don’t have enough time. They want easy to read content and if you provide them with a pre-made tweet ready, chances are they will immediately share it on their Twitter profile.

There are online tools like “Click To Tweet” that allow you to generate a ready to tweet link for you to share in your blog content.

Share Media Content in your Social Media:

Your social media marketing strategy should include some type of images or videos to capture the interest of your audience. A social media post without an image, video, or gif look ugly and no one is going to click on it.

Therefore, always ensure that your social media posts are visually appealing and attention grabbing. Pay careful attention to the images you select for your social media sharing. Avoid uploading unappealing images.

Make it Easier for Audience to Follow Your Brand:

Whether you are an SEO company, advertising agency, or SaaS startup, make it simpler for your blog readers and website visitors to follow your brand by adding buttons to your social media profiles. You can find downloadable buttons online or use a gadget to add your social media profile buttons to your website or blog. This way, you give your audience an option to find you online and follow your brand.

Collect Email Addresses:

In order to generate qualified leads and traffic, another important trick is to direct your website and social media traffic to your email listing. Simply add a popup, slide in and a subscription bar at the top of your website to collect email addresses.

Social media lead generation ads are another effective way to generate qualified leads and you should try to add some content extras in your blog content that requires an email signup to download the information.

Your Turn:

All in all, using social media marketing and your content together is indeed the best way to prepare yourself for digital marketing success. Social media will help brands to grow website traffic exponentially and ultimately leads. Use these strategies to combine your social media marketing efforts and your blog content to strengthen your lead generation process. Good Luck!

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Irfan Ak is an Brand Strategist & Digital Marketing Expert by profession & blogger by passion, he is currently associated with many different brands with his digital expertise.

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