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Cloud Data Protection Tips 101 : Especially for New Businesses

With the rise of our modern technological era, cloud computing has become more popular than ever. This type of storage system allows you to access your data virtually anywhere and helps simplify data management and storage.

However, although cloud storage comes with a vast amount of advantages, there are still security concerns that you should consider. It’s vital that cloud service providers take care of their user’s data and keep it well protected at all times.

Also, customers need to make sure their data is password protected to avoid the allowance of personal information to be stolen.

Here are a few tips you should review to keep your cloud data under lock and key.

Take Advantage of Cloud Services that Encrypt Your Data

It’s always important to take your privacy under advisement, that’s why it’s so crucial to choose cloud storage services that offer local encryption to protect your data better. This type of security measure provides additional security for your files, meaning they need to be decrypted before allowing access for an individual to view them. In fact, this type of protection is so strong that it protects your data from both administrators and service providers as well.

Use Hard-To-Guess Passwords

This may seem like common knowledge, but it’s important to remember that using challenging passwords to guess is one more security measure you can use against hackers. Be sure to use a combination of uppercase letters, lower case letters, numbers, and special symbols. In addition to having complex passwords, you should also consistently change them and not share them with your friends, family, and trusted peers.

Don’t Store Personal Information

It’s getting harder and harder to acquire real privacy online. With the ever-increasing amount of identify thieves on the web, you should try making it more challenging to be targeted. You can do this by avoiding uploading passwords, certificates, bank information, and other sensitive data to the cloud.

Encrypt Your Data

You should always encrypt your data before uploading it to the cloud. Fortunately, there are a lot of online services that offer to encrypt your passwords and information before sending it to the cloud. Doing so will lower your chance of having sensitive information stolen from you.

Locally Backup Your Data

When keeping your information safe in the cloud, make sure that you have backups for all your data. This means having electronic copies of your data so you can access them at any time, in case your data in the cloud becomes corrupted or lost in some way. However, you can do this by backing up to another cloud storage or using external storage devices. Locally backing up your files also means more access to your data if there’s no internet service.

Test Your Security Measures

You should never assume that your files as well protected on the cloud or anywhere else. You should regularly test the cloud data security measures to make sure that your data cannot be accessed by thieves or other parties.

Install Anti-Virus Software

Sometimes, the security problem you are experiencing is not from the cloud at all but rather the system that you logged in from. This is why it is crucial to protect your computers as well. Otherwise, hackers can break into your accounts with ease. Make sure that you install anti-virus software on your business computers and take advantage of other security measures.

Cloud storage is a truly revolutionary way to store and access your company’s data. Though it has many advantages, it is not without its disadvantages. Security should always be a concern. However, by using the tips above, you can protect your business’ critical data when it is in the cloud and on your computer.

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Dennis Hung is an entrepreneur and product analyst specializing in mobile technology and IoT. He’s spent most of his career consulting for businesses in North America.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Mikhail Sisin

    March 17, 2018 at 8:20 pm

    Most of large cloud providers like Amazon, Google and Microsoft let you have all security and encryption measures from the box so you dont have to worry about it. I mean that provider will take care about encryption for data “at rest” and you just need to take care about security in communications, when you transfer data from unit to unit.

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