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Choosing the Right Countertop Material for Your Kitchen

Many home/business owners are currently either renovating their kitchen or building a new kitchen and are considering several different options for countertop material. You might be wondering which cabinets and countertops for your remodel project will work best, but with a little research, you’ll find the perfect fit. Look no further as we have rounded up 4 of the most popular countertop materials to help you determine the best option for your future kitchen.


Concrete is quickly becoming a popular countertop material option and for good reason. Concrete countertops are durable, stylish, and flexible enough to work with almost any application. These are typically cast in your kitchen and not done offsite like many other materials which means they will fit your application perfectly. Let’s look at an example as well as some pros and cons:

– Inexpensive relative to other materials
– Can be colored, tinted, & textured to match many kitchen styles
– Not easy to scratch
– Can be a DIY Project

– Can crack over time and with undue pressure
– Has a porous surface that can harbor bacteria/smells
– Doesn’t have a “classy” kitchen design


Wood countertops (commonly known as butcher block countertops) are becoming more and more trendy as many Americans see them used in higher-end homes and kitchens across the world. They are typically made with a hardwood such as oak and can be treated to have a variety of finishes. Here’s an example of a common wood countertop along with some pros and cons:

– Beautiful rustic look
– Durable when maintained properly

– Porous which can also harbor bacteria/smells
– Susceptible to scratching, cracking and cut marks
– More expensive than most options


Granite is strong stone found in nature that is probably the most popular type of countertop material used in America today and for good reason. They provide an elegant and classy look that matches most kitchens and are a staple of high-end kitchens everywhere. Here’s an example of a granite countertop along with some pros and cons:

– Beautiful, refined look is how most describe them
– Durable and strong stone that doesn’t crack easily
– Easy to clean
– Versatile and has many design options

– Expensive to purchase
– Granite is technically porous and can stain if not sealed properly


The use of marble can be traced back to the Ancient Greek and Roman period. Marble countertops are also known as a high-end and classy option for countertops across the world. They are the most expensive option on our list and for good reason, they are beautiful and made of a rare and highly sought after stone. Here’s an example of a marble countertop along with some pros and cons:

– Luxurious look and feel
– Significantly adds value to a home

– Very expensive
– More sensitive than granite


Glass is an incredible option for kitchen countertops which is often overlooked because most interior designers don’t even know it exists. Glass countertops are versatile and offer a plethora of different options for the consumer including Backlit LED lighting, different surface treatments, and various thickness options to name a few. Here’s an example of a glass countertop along with some pros and cons:

– Unique and impressive look
– Endless options and styles to choose from
– Non-porous and easy to maintain and clean

– Can crack or chip with undue pressure
– Can be expensive to install

That’s it for our round-up of countertop materials, we hope this helps you choose the perfect material for your kitchen!

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