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Check Out these Top Personal Finance Apps

Who would say no to a little extra help with staying on top of their finances? Money is one of the biggest causes of stress for individuals, families, businesses, and pretty much everyone else in-between. Managing personal finances isn’t exactly something that everyone finds easy, and our banks don’t always provide all the information or help that we need.

Enter the personal finance app. A relatively recent introduction to the world of personal finance, these applications that can be used on a smartphone come in many different iterations. These money apps serve a variety of purposes such as bill payment reminders and tracking your spending.

Those Tricky Financial Moments

Let’s say you’re in a tough financial position and need help — when you’re in this kind of position, if deemed suitable for your needs, it may be time to see what GoDay can do for you in helping secure a short-term online loan to get back on your feet. For those with a steady source of income who find themselves short on cash in-between paycheques, payday loans from reliable and discerning providers can offer some much-needed relief in tricky times.

A reliable payday loans direct lender serves to take away the complexity and confusion that comes with borrowing cash. While you can rest assured knowing that you can use an online payday loan to solve a temporary cash-flow issue, you want to set up your finances in a way that emergencies, unexpected costs, and a surprise like a broken-down car engine doesn’t flip your life upside down. Here are some personal finance apps that you can use on your smartphone to plan, spend, and track your money wisely.


This is a free money management app that is quite popular with its users. It has a very user-friendly interface and eye-pleasing design that makes it nice to use. The app can bring all of your money in one place so you can make better sense of it. It also allows you to easily make budgets for your spending and will give you suggestions for improved financial planning.

“You Need a Budget”

The focus of this app is debt management, so for those who are looking for an app that offers support through the process of managing and recovering from debt, this is the app for you. YNAB is not free, but that is one of its advantages – individuals who invest in something financially are more likely to stick to it and truly see its value. You can set goals and track your progress and you can even connect with partners or family in those cases where you’re working through debt as a team.

What Is a Digital Wallet?

The future is here and everything is getting digitized, including our wallets. The “digital wallet” concept has become more present over the last few years with the use of mobile payment options. While looking for a software that will get you to the financial place you want to be, consider your comfort with technology.

If you’re someone who likes the idea of a digital wallet and budgeting software, then incorporating tech into your finances is a dream solution. What’s more, you’ll be able to keep excellent track of where your money is going, which is essential for anyone looking to improve their budgeting and finance skills.

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