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Chatwing’s New Online Chat Box For WordPress Graphic Design

Do you have a WordPress account? Have you updated the design of your blog? Design plays an important role in the credibility of your blog. You work hard spending days together in increasing the page rank of your blog by posting high quality content. Regardless of the content, if the website’s layout or the design isn’t impressive, there is very less chance for people to read your blog. Your blog must be interesting and not irritating because if the designs are annoying, people skip your blog, increasing the bounce rate.

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Especially when it comes to graphic design, you need to be very cautious in choosing the best that will mesmerize the readers. Why is Graphic design so important? When you open a website, you get to see many advertisements and pop ups that often invites you to click on it. Most websites and blogs also have the live online chat boxes that call you for an online chat. These chat boxes or advertisements may sometimes be annoying to people, but it will never be so if it’s designed well. This is where graphic design comes in.

Graphic design is an art of combining pictures and texts that is on the verge of development. In today’s world of technology, designers are coming up with new and innovative ways to create inspiring designs. With thousands of online tutorials and guides, people are learning these innovative ways through courses either online or offline. That’s not all, people also chat with graphic designers through online chat boxes available on the designer’s blog. With these online chats, in just a short period of time, bloggers reach over thousands of people.

As a fuel to this growth, Chatwing, which specializes in developing blogging tools, has released an online chat box for WordPress observing the significant growth of the graphic design in WordPress. This new chat box, available for free, helps in real-time communication allowing up to a thousand users to communicate simultaneously. WordPress bloggers use this Chatwing’s shoutbox to expand their horizons by sharing links to their portfolios and blogs. WordPress graphic design bloggers can also use this chat box to send invitations for their Facebook communities in the chat rooms. That’s not all, some bloggers even feel that this chat box creates a strong online presence of their blogs.

The new Chatwing’s free chat box is more useful for group blogs as these group blogs vie for higher subscriber bases. What’s more interesting is that the Chatwing team has added a new vanity URL option in the latest version of the chat box. This Vanity URL option allows users to create usernames and short links and also allows private group chats. This new chat box can also be customized as per your requirements. When it comes to the installation process, the latest version is pretty easy to install and the process takes just a few seconds, but it is also subjected to later developments and upgrades.

Apart from communication, this chat box can be used for other purposes like leisure and internet marketing as it bridges people across countries. Bloggers look at this chat  box as an effective tool to drive targeted traffic as it attracts people and also helps in communicating with them. If you are a WordPress graphic design blogger, check out for this new chat box that is available for free and update your blog.

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  1. charansingh

    January 17, 2013 at 8:15 am

    I really like the design. You have worked it well. The about this site page is nice, in my opinion it’s a bit long. I might try and break the plug-ins list down into 2-3 side by side columns the same way you did at the bottom with your recent posts/tracks/fav links.

    Also, I am sure you already know this but the Now Playing link for plug ins hasn’t yet been linked. Lastly your description for “Paged blog posts” and “Custom blocks on a page” are the same.

    Everything else looks great. Well done.

  2. miguel pieter

    March 6, 2013 at 2:29 pm

    Thanks for the nice post. There is something quite nice about the “Chatwing’s New Online Chat Box For WordPress Graphic Design”. I like the idea and can see it working well printed on sportswear. I guess the introduction of this new Graphic Design has gained more attention probably because it has a famous person’s name attached to it. If all graphic design had this advantage then it may be noticed more. Celebrities are followed and noticed a lot by the media and the general public. To know more information please Click Here.

  3. MontyFuller

    March 8, 2013 at 7:37 am

    I agree that design plays a significant role in any space, whether it is online or offline advertising or promotion. Whether it is online pop-up advertising banners and chat boxes or offline advertising gadgets such as exhibition pop up stands and pull up banner, or even guerrilla marketing techniques like walking ads, if it gets in the way of your potential customers, they will be annoyed. If it can be done skilfully, that is, customers are able to see the ads or chat boxes without obstructing the tasks that they have on hand, it can have amazing results.

  4. Lisa

    March 23, 2013 at 7:45 am

    Nice post, I appreciate the design of the chat wing’s. I wish its gets popularity is short of days. And this design really works.

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