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Chargeberry. Free App to Prolong MacBook Battery Life

Why do users opt for laptops? The key characteristics here are portability and power independence. Well, at least for some time, which equals the battery’s capacity. Sooner or later a laptop user starts observing battery depletion and needs to think about how to make it work longer autonomously.

Apple has introduced the cycle count for MacBooks batteries which shows the health of the battery and its level of consumption. Before the macOS Sierra 10.12.2  laptops had time remaining indicator so that you could keep your battery charged enough for comfort work while not wasting cycles count. Starting from 10.12.2 time remaining is no more available in the battery menu and it brought some inconvenience to the work with your MacBook.

Battery University’s research defined the most optimal way of using your battery is keeping its charge between 40% and 80%. Kromtech put this very rule as a basis for creating Chargeberry. You can get Chargeberry from the App Store:

After you install Chargeberry, its icon will appear on the menu bar. When you click on it, you will see the drop-down menu which shows general info about current charge percent, your battery health rate as well as additional info which is divided into two sections: Battery Info and Controls.

In Battery Info, you can see the time remaining under different conditions: current usage, while browsing the Internet, watching movies or listening to music, and in the standby mode. This is particularly handy for planning your work. Another section is Health Details where you can easily access useful information about your battery hardware: capacity, temperature, cycles used, age etc.

Controls menu covers Chargeberry preferences. You can customize notifications here. Another interesting feature to mention deals with actually battery saving. The toggle “Notify when lower than 40%” toggle will let you know when to plug in your MacBook to follow the 40 – 80 rule and keep the battery in a good shape for longer.

History shows you top energy-consuming apps and statistics from your battery usage for a week, a month or a year. What to do if one of the apps is eating too much energy? Check out the tips you can find below the battery info, the outstanding feature of Chargeberry.

Chargeberry can also keep you updated about the changes in your battery. You can let Chargeberry notify you about important events, e.g.:

  • the charge is lower than a set level;
  • the discharge process every set range of percent;
  • health changes;
  • notification to plug the charger in at 40%.

Chargeberry is a simple smart app with a pleasant design and a bunch of additional useful features which was created according to Apple recommendation on handling MacBooks. Chargeberry will be a good help for you planning the outdoor activities with your Mac and saving your battery life.

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My name is Michael. I love everything related to technology, hardware and software. At the same time I love to write about travelling and share with readers life hacks. I love painting, extreme kinds of sport and alpinism.

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