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Cell Phone Tracking In Secrecy

The Initiation

Often in life there comes a time when people feel the need to be confident and sure about their partners. It can be a baseless doubt or a nagging thought but it sets in motion certain emotions which are hard to curtail. Professionally, being sure about one’s partners can be beneficial for both the firm and the individual concerned and also promotes a healthy and hospitable working environment. Personally, it creates an atmosphere of mutual trust and brings about transparency between the two.  Thus ensuring that the partner can be trusted and relied upon becomes more a duty than an obligation.

The most common form of tracking one’s partner is done through his/her cellphone. The partner in most cases is a member of the family or an employee of the organization. In that case, secrecy becomes all the more important. The GPS devices activated on cellular phones prevent secrecy from being maintained as they alert the user about the source through which they are being tracked.  Thus, a set of softwares especially meant for purposes of espionage have been developed. An important distinction to be drawn in this regard is the fact that tracking one’s own cellular device is legally validated but performing the same act on anybody else’s phone is not.

The Implementation

The first step in this process is to download or buy a software program that allows such tracking to be conducted. Software programs such as EStealth and Flexispy have been developed for this purpose. Their price varies from $250 in certain regions to $449 in some others. These programs are designed in a manner to provide the exact GPS coordinates of the device. They also allow the user to gain access to the personal contact details and messaging services of the individual being tracked.

Downloading the aforementioned software programs, particularly Flexispy would be advisable. It is cost effective and requires comparatively lesser amount of time. These programs allow the user to tap into the phone calls of the individual, record his messages and also control the device to suit his/her own needs from a distant location. The activities indulged into by the individual through his/her phone are also recorded and maintained as a log. All of this can be controlled and accesed from the control panel on the main page of the software program.

How To Use EStealth

EStealth also offers a lot of options and is considered to be a pioneer in its field of operation. The EStealth program makes use of the Bluetooth device to track details of any cellular device which has its Bluetooth in the activated mode. After the connection has been established, periodic alerts after every 30 minutes about the positioning of the phone would be given and recording of phone calls and messages would also be provided for. An exclusive access to the individual’s call log would be provided and where EStealth scores over the rest is in its retrieving numbers system wherein the user can gain access to the numbers stored in the individual’s phone without the individual having any details about it.

Brandon is a tech support consultant in a leading technology firm, In his free time he loves to blog about latest in technology and internet. He had recently done a extensive research on reverse phone number lookup and found some interesting facts about this technology

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  1. Rohit Kabdwal

    April 7, 2013 at 9:01 am

    nice article Brandon..,
    it is illegal to track a call, and there is a provision of imprisonment for that.., but as long as it is secret.., it is cool..;)
    thanks for the tip..:)

  2. Luis

    April 12, 2013 at 8:17 pm

    Thanks for the tips, Brandon. Although, anyone who is considering this should also consider the risks. It’s some shady business, after all!

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