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Cell Phone Jammers – Securing Your Workplace

Cell phone jammers are devices that can block network based communication in a specified area. This has its repercussions, good as well as bad. Though the cell phone jammers are illegal for commercial use all across the globe, they can be still used to a good effect by specific organizations if they have prior administrative permission to use such devices.

Cell phones have been growing in popularity ever since their inception, and now the reported cell phone use across the globe have crossed a staggering 6 billion mark. Though cell phones have revolutionized the way of communicating, they have also been responsible for various security breaches and cell phone jammers is an ideal solution against such breach.

What is a cell phone jammer?

A cell phone jammer is a device that emits radio frequency waves that disrupt the communication happening through the cell phone in a given frequency range. Hence, if someone possesses a cell phone jammer, then all network communication in the frequency range of the cell phone jammer will be disrupted.

Is this legal?

The answer to this question can be both yes and no. Use of cell phone jammers is illegal all across the globe commercially that includes buying as well as selling. But some places that require necessary security and silence may take special permission from their respective governments to make use of phone jammers at their premises.

If permission is granted

If you have applied to authorities seeking permission to use phone jammers and have received affirmation on the said application, then you can use cell phone jammer only in the place for which the permission is granted. You also have to make sure that using the cell phone jammer on your premises does not hamper the communication of the neighboring areas.

Where can cell phone jammers be used?

  • Schools: Before the advent of a cell phone, there were not these many distractions inside a classroom. Now because of a cell phone, every student has a thousand distractions on a single screen. Schools can benefit from cell phone jammers as these jammers can make cell phones obsolete.
  • Jails and Prisons: It is not an uncommon sight to find a prisoner in possession of a cell phone. Many high profile criminals can get access to a cell phone inside the prison campus and hence can orchestrate a jailbreak with the help of a cell phone. Due to this risk, many prisons are using phone jammers to block all network communications inside the premises.
  • Religious places: Some religious places require the ambiance of complete silence and this ambience can only be achieved in today’s time by denying access to cell phone. It is tough to screen every individual who steps inside the religious campus for a cell phone but with a cell phone jammer, the disturbance caused by cell phones can be negated for the good.
  • Military bases: Military bases are always under security threats and with the hackers so advanced today it becomes of paramount importance to secure Intel on national security. Cell phone jammers hence are used widely in military bases to protect information leakage.

Every new technology has a good side and a bad side. It is true that these days, phone jammers are mostly used as irritants, and hence they are banned from commercial use, but with the future being so much dependent on network based communications, these jammers are necessary security devices too.

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