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Celebrating the Women Who Launched Tech Startups During the Pandemic

Starting a business can be daunting, and launching during a pandemic can seem next to impossible. The coronavirus pandemic has severely impacted the global economy. Many businesswomen have been disproportionately affected, with about 6% of women-led businesses likely to close down.

Despite the downturn, there are success stories conceived out of the hardship. Some women came out to carve out their destinies by launching successful startups. Here are the stories of some of these women in the tech sector.

Sarah Neill, Co-founder Mys Tyler

Sarah and her business partner David Vandenberg co-founded Mys Tyler, a fashion-tech company, during the onset of the pandemic. One of the most significant challenges during this time is that the target market was spending more time indoors. Although women had less need for fabulous outfits during that time, Sarah still focused on being more relevant than before. Her focus was on being part of the solution by capitalizing on her creative talent.

Lily Liu, CEO, and Co-founder of Piñata

Lily Liu is not new to the entrepreneurship world. Her startup, Piñata, sprouted out of the need to bridge the gap between tenants and landlords. She realized that there were no financial benefits for either renters or landlords during the pandemic, and as many renters lost their jobs to the pandemic, they could not pay their rent on time, nor were they incentivized for doing so.

Lily collaborated with other industry leaders to form Piñata as a way to boost the landlord-tenant relationship. Through the platform, property managers can set up incentive programs to reward renters who pay their rent on time.

Liu gives this advice to other women business owners, “It’s tempting to think you can do it all yourself. It’s important to lean in but not fall over. As the founder and CEO, it’s your job to find the right talent and set the organization up to succeed beyond you trying to do everything yourself.”

Mari Kuraishi, CEO Jessie Ball DuPont Fund

The founder of Jessie Ball DuPont Fund, Mari Kuraishi, serves communities by enhancing all-encompassing growth. The aim is to reduce general barriers to opportunity and resources. The startup focuses on enhancing digital infrastructure to create an accessible and robust online presence.

Kuraishi and her team collect and analyze data to help nonprofits understand the benefits of the evolving online space. This way, they can reach more donors and volunteers through online giving. They are also better able to collaborate and share resources and information to meet community needs.

Midgi Moore, Owner, Juneau Food Tours

Moore started a food tour company out of her love of the scenic city. It was through the tour company that she could share her passion for food. Unfortunately, when the pandemic hit, tourists stopped visiting the city, and all trips were canceled.

Instead of sitting back to wallow in disappointment, Midgi launched Taste Alaska! Her startup is a subscription box featuring artwork, staple food products, and cultural items from the region. She also offers visitor guides and tips to city visitors. Through her startup, she has helped several businesses remain afloat despite the pandemic.

It wasn’t a smooth road for these women to launch startups during the pandemic. However, it taught them the importance of quickly jumping on opportunities when they arise. For business success, it is essential to keep up with the ever-changing tides in the business world.

Final Thoughts

We are yet to witness the full-blown impact of the coronavirus pandemic. While many businesses have adversely been affected, others have come out strongly and are thriving. March is National Women’s Month, so let’s celebrate these inspirational women who persevered against all odds.

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