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Career Opportunities in Mass Communication to Look Out for

Mass communication entails the dissemination of information to the public at large, locally, nationally, or internationally, by using several types of mass media.

Mass communication consists of three branches, namely advertising, public relations, and journalism, which are directly related to each other in such a way that professionals in each branch regularly stay in touch with their counterparts in other branches for the requirements of their work.

An education in mass communication can be very rewarding and exciting as the branches in mass communication allow professionals in the field to shift careers, switching from one branch to the other, as per their liking. It is not uncommon to find a newspaper reporter switching career to work as a television presenter or public relations professional.

Mass communication is a vast area containing television, films, radio, advertising, events, documentary, online media, corporate communications, public relations, graphics and design, to name a few.

Branches of mass communication

As discussed above, mass communication of three branches, namely advertising, public relations, and journalism. We are going to discuss these branches in detail.


Career prospects in the advertising domain consist of posts on both the business area as well as the creative area. While the business part focuses greatly on the acquirement of new clients, contracts, partners, the creative part takes care of the conception and execution of advertising campaigns for online, print, and broadcast media. People looking to build their careers in advertising domain can join an advertisement agency. Creative professionals are required to develop advertising campaigns, whereas business professionals are needed to rope in new clients, get new contracts from new or existing clients, manage accounts, and devise advertising budget.

Public relations

Career prospects in the public relations domain are diverse and exciting. Professionals in public relations field can join firms that have in-house public relations division or they can join agencies or companies that have several client organizations. Professionals in public relations perform various duties from gaining favorable media coverage for their clients to restoring and building public images during a crisis.


Career prospects in the journalism domain consist of positions in radio stations, television channels as well as online and print publications. Professionals in print media consist of reporters, photographers, columnists, and editors. Professionals in broadcast media comprise anchors, reporters, videographers, and producers.

Career Prospects in Journalism

Journalism offers a vast range of career opportunities. Some of the common and lucrative professions are listed below.

Reporter: To work in this position, you are required to be proactive, dynamic, and have a go-getter attitude. This position demands excellent communication skills.

Editor: If you are a wordsmith and have a knack for language and literature, you can be an editor in a print or online publication.

TV Correspondent: This job will require you to visit places and obtain news and present them to the viewers of the channel. You are required to have a good command over the language, great interpersonal and presentation skills.

Special Correspondent: This position will require you to gather news events from your locality and broadcast those to your target audience.

Radio Jockey: This position is perfect for those people who love to speak. If public speaking is your forte and you have a razor-sharp wit and presence of mind then working as a radio jockey is rewarding for you.

Critic: If you are a foodie, tea or wine aficionado, a movie buff, or an art connoisseur and know your stuff very well and discern the subtle factors that differentiate the best work from the rest, then this position is just for you.

Photojournalist: This is a good position for shutterbugs who know their craft well and can capture magical moments worth a million of words.

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