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Cannabis Discoveries: Tiny Devices are Transforming the Industry

It seems that everywhere you look, someone is talking about cannabis. The drug has swiftly become one of the most popular topics in both mainstream and social media, with people on all sides of the debate weighing in on its pros and cons. The popular trend makes it difficult to cut through the chatter and get to the bottom of what cannabis is – and what it could become. The medicinal benefits of cannabis have increased the consumption of the plant and the usage of these devices. Nowadays, you can easily get one at a store, dispensary, or even online. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the latest discoveries that are transforming the cannabis industry. Stay tuned for insights into everything from tiny devices that could revolutionize how weed is consumed.

Mini Bongs

A mini bong is an instrument for beginners who intend to use bong rigs. Bongs may be a bit confusing to novice smokers. Still, they are good devices to prevent irritation and coughing during smoking. Mini bongs have water to cool off and filter the smoke as you inhale, causing harsh hits but not like the big bongs. A 420 user will consider any bong below six inches a mini bong. DankStop’s mini bongs are assembled in small sizes but have powerful hits like normal-size bongs. They are made of different materials, designs, and styles. The traditional mini bong works like the normal bong but creates a bubble bottom, while carb bongs are a mix of bong and pipe.

Nano rigs

Nano rings are the deal that brings a new experience to windsurfing. The instrument works like a flatwater with the properties of light and solid rig performance. The demand for the device is increasing because of the transparent glass design. The nano rings are designed to smoothen vapor before reaching your lungs. They are manufactured in different models by different companies. Some nano rigs are created less than three inches with lighter hits and a filtration system. The filtration system is to eliminate the presence of toxins in the vapor before reaching the mouth to prevent risk to the lungs.


Vaporizers are similar to devices that are used to consume tobacco. This device is used for cannabis, and they are becoming popular because of its pattern of combustion. The instrument burns cannabis transforming it into smoke for inhaling. However, the combustion method creates tar and carcinogens, which greatly risk the lungs and may expose the body to other diseases and conditions over time. Although, the method is considered healthier than smoking. Vaping uses vaporized concentrates from cannabis such as CBD, THC, terpenes, and more without forming smoke and other harmful toxins from combustion.

These devices are assembled in small sizes, making them discrete for users. Stoners can use vapes on the go without someone noticing. They also have a potent and impactful experience from the high concentration of cannabis.

One hitters

The one-hitter is a typical pipe but smaller than the normal pipe. The device has a single hit and is only used once. You can place up to 25 milligrams of weed in the device. Some one-hitter devices look like a cigarette but come in different styles. They are made from glass or metal materials. They are assembled like a straight tube with a bowl on one end and a mouthpiece for inhaling the smoke from the other. You can get a beautiful blown glass hitter or a cigarette-like device. Still, both are popular because of their discrete nature.


Pipes have been in existence for centuries and have evolved. They started back 400 years in ancient Egypt sarcophagi and Native America for different occasions such as war, ceremonies, social events, etc. They are different pieces, creating various choices for everyone to connect with. You can easily get a pipe with ease of usage, and they are available for every budget. The pipe is assembled in a simple form and is mostly used for dry flower cannabis. It has a bowl where the flower is placed and a neck or stem as the mouthpiece for inhaling the smoke. The pipe can be in the form of a water pipe or bongs for smokers that prevent a filtration process from inhaling.

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