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Business Phone Systems – How To Choose The Right One

Despite the meteoric rise of email and instant messaging in the last decade, phone calls are still one of the most efficient ways of communicating in business. So whether it’s a quick call to a client to clarify something or a large cross continent conference call it’s important to ensure that your business telephone system is cost-effective, efficient and sophisticated.

When you’re deciding which business telephone system will be most suitable for your office, you have plenty of set ups to consider. They include traditional land lines, voice over IP service (better known as internet calls, VoIP) or mobile phone systems. Think carefully about the communication needs of the company and how many people need to be connected on a daily basis. This will help you get the best quote possible from a supplier and make sure you get a system that meets those needs.

After cost it’s important to consider the quality of the sound and connection. You may save money on internet calling but there’s nothing as frustrating as not being able to hear the other person at the end of the phone, so investigate any clarity or sound issues that may arise with VoIP. Lots of businesses now use mobiles around the office particularly when people are on the move a lot. In this instance you might only need one landline for reception and everyone else can be connected via mobile. You could also look at a business phone system like KSU-Less system, Private Branch Exchange Systems or Key Systems.

Another thing to consider is an all-in-one package that includes broadband, landline and mobile all together. This could prove to be a very cost-effective option and means you only have to deal with one supplier, one bill and one support team. And on the subject of support, do find out what kind of back up is available if something does go wrong. If your phone system goes down it could prove to be a very costly situation and you’ll need a support team around at the office to sort out the problem as soon as it’s reported. Having someone come in the next day just isn’t good enough.

Take your time when choosing your next business phone system. Ask all the questions you need to ask and make sure whatever package you choose will ultimately enhance the running of your operation.

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