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Business Owners: Make Sure your Best Employees don’t Leave You

Employee retention is one of the crucial aspect of business. Make sure your best employees don’t leave you, here are some tips that all business owner should know.

Recruitment is a crucial process that every company HR goes through, from creating ads for the vacancies to bringing the people on board, the process is daunting and time-consuming.

But what if the cost involved in completing the recruitment pool increase the employee turnover rate? Your efforts are in vain so do their experience with your organization.

So have you ever thought why are your good employees leaving you? What is that you should do to retain them? Are you overloading them with work to give the notice to leave the organization or its the lack of coordination between the team that makes them feel rusted?

It’s time you find the answers and start taking the right actions, so go with the flow of the article, by the end of it, you will find some reasons for your questions and also the answers to it.

Unnoticed talent

Often when you are the owner of a big organization where you have many employees working for you, it happens that you look everyone with the same perception and the success of a project goes as a team effort.

That is good, but some hidden gems in the team actually make things possible to work out by giving their extra efforts and time to accomplish the targets. These people are needed to be recognized and rewarded for what they have done.

Here is where the employers miss and lose their top performer’s respect as he feels undervalued for what extra efforts he has done to achieve the goals.

Uncertainty in expectations

Another reason why your employees decide to leave you as they believe that they are not matching your undefined expectations. Yes, you as an employer have to share a certain repo with your employees where you can make them understand what exactly you want from them and how working together can help us achieve things quickly.

An unclear situation whether in the projects or in the company policies increases the chances of misunderstanding in employees’ minds. A sense of disbelief is created in the company environment that the head authorities are keeping them in darkness or are hiding something from them in order to keep them away from the important aspects of the business.

Tell them that you think about them

As an owner, as you have plans for your company growth, similarly you might also have planned something for your good employees to help them make progress in their respective niche. Convey them this message, tell them you think and care about their individual progress irrespective of company growth.

Telling them what is in your mind will keep them assured that their decision of working with your organization was worth as they will start looking at their growth if they stayed in the company for the long run.

Pro tip: Appreciate whenever you feel it’s necessary

It’s human nature to be liked and being appreciated for the efforts that a person makes. Similarly, your employees need appreciation for what they do or the extra efforts that they give.

Your two words like “Well done” or “Great Job!” can make a great difference to them as they feel that you as an owner notice and understand their genuine efforts for the company goals.

Never discriminate

Never ever make your employees feel that you have soft corners for certain employees and has some harsh feelings for the other. The ones with harsh feelings can certainly create a negative impact on the other employees of the company, imparting the feeling of jealousy and envy among the other employees in the company.

So while you are communicating with your employees make sure you don’t create a discriminatory impact on your employee’s mind. Like, don’t call a certain group on a coffee and ignore the other as these small things can become a matter of concern for the others in the cube.

Don’t restrict or empower them

Your employees may be young adults who know what their rights are, creating an environment that restricts them from basic freedom will make them feel caged. Don’t stop them from exploring new ideas and horizons in their field by surrounding them by boundaries of rules and regulations. Just to get out of this imprisonment they will start looking for the freedom outside, thus deciding to leave your organization.

Set rules that make them feel challenged for the work they are doing, give them the benchmarks to be achieved. There are many cases where the employees decide to leave as they feel there is nothing new that excites them to go to work. If the situation arises that an employee needs to work from home, be ready to tweak your rules and allow him/her to work remotely.

Being flexible in your approach to deal with a situation can change the way your employees perceive your organization.

Summing Up

A company is made by good coordination and understanding between its employees and the owners. Finding quality employees is indeed difficult but what is more daunting is to maintain them and keep them happy.

So if you want your business to be successful the first thing that you need is a happy employee. So check with your office environment, impart certain corporate team building activities, make diligent efforts to watch that you are not providing an unfair and stressful environment to your employees. Behold your employees with care and appreciation such that they never feel to leave you.

James Vargas is an experienced business expert, business management consultant, and manager at Get Everything Delivered. With the 1.5-decade corporate experience, he is now sharing his guidance to start-ups to grow with corporate team building activities and project delivery solutions.

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I am James Vargas, manager at GetEverythingDelivered. I am a corporate expert with 1.5 decades of industry experience that help the start-up owners and entrepreneurs to deal with the industry problems with my writing. Know more about me at:



  1. Anandhi

    January 7, 2020 at 4:35 am

    Talented employees are like the gems of an organization. They are one of the main causes of the success of the company. One must make sure they find the unnoticed talents in their organization and give them their duly rights for they work a step ahead to complete a difficult task.

  2. sonam

    January 8, 2020 at 11:16 am

    yep I totally agree with, good employees plays a vital role to run any organisation. They all should be treated well according to their work and performance.

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