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Building A Smart Home? Then You Need Wifi Windows!

“Smart” technologies is the next big step in home-life. We see this kind of technology all over the world around us because it makes communication exponentially more efficient. It was only a matter of time for people to figure out how to use it to better home systems, and luckily for homeowners we have reached that point. From thermostats and refrigerators to alarm systems and windows, this is the era of convenience.

Internet of Things (IOT) and Smart Devices

Items are referred to as IOT products are often smart devices. The two terms are used interchangeably by the majority of the population. But It’s important not to let this kind of lingo become intimidating. It refers to are products and other objects that are interconnected and can be identified through digital networks. Essentially what this means is that IOT devices are able to sync with each other for the benefit of the owner. For instance, think about how the calendar on your phone might sync with your computer’s, and how you’ll get notifications about upcoming appointments in turn. It is also how people are able to control their thermostats from their phone even when they are away from home. It’s easy to see the freedom that these devices offer to people.

Smart Products in 2017

This is the year of the smart home, and it doesn’t matter what kind of home it is, there is something available to benefit the life of all. Some of the leading products include:

Nest Thermostat: Nest has a wide range of products available, and the beauty of this is that they can connect with each other in order to operate more effectively. The thermostat itself will track the temperature of a room and develop a schedule for heating and cooling in order to keep the space as energy efficient as possible. It can also connect with their fire-alarms and intruder alarms in order to share information.

D-Link Water Sensor: The D-Link sensor is most effective in basements and homes located in areas with heavy precipitation. It plugs into the wall and WiFi to send your phone a notification if there is too much moisture within the area. This is a great way to combat structural damage and other issues associated with water damage.

SkyBell Video Doorbell: This doorbell is able to let people within the house see who is at their door without having to check it themselves. They will be able to see in on their connected devices. This is a great idea for anyone concerned with safety. It also connects to other companies’ products.

Lutron Caseta Smart Lighting: This product would work well with smart window treatments in order to find the most energy-efficient combinations. These lights can be placed on a timer, and even controlled remotely.

Windows with WiFi

There are a number of exciting smart products already available on the market. WiFi windows are one product that is relatively new to it though. In October of this year, the window-treatment manufacturers Hunter Douglas introduced their latest invention. They called it the PowerView Motorization System. It is a revolutionary concept that stitches technology, energy efficiency, connectivity, and convenience together in an incredibly useful window treatment option. They believe that integration and connectivity is the current trend, and it’s hard to debate with the rise of smart home technologies.

These kinds of wifi window blinds operate by adapting to the homeowners’ preferences. It will adjust whether natural light or privacy is preferred.  So not only would these window treatments respond to your mood and preferences, but they also look stylish with many different options available. The beauty of automated window blinds is that they can operate without needing prompting, but these WiFi treatments take it a step further. They can sync with other communicative technologies for maximum use.

Smart Homes

All of these devices are great ways of making a smart home. They all offer valuable services and work even better when used in conjunction with each other. This kind of technology ensures that each and every home is energy efficient, safe, and convenient for the occupants. Those people who are skeptical about these devices should consider doing some more research on the matter, they might find that benefits enticing.

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