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Brand Building Online for LAW website


The internet has become essential for lawyers building their presence and brand online. Research shows that over 70% of people searching for legal services turns to the internet. This means that lawyers, like any other business people, need a website or a blog that will boost their presence online while building their brand.

What is online brand building?

We cannot talk about SEO Melbourne for brand building without first talking about what brand building is. It is to enhance your brand equity. It is a process of increasing the consumer awareness and voice of a brand while giving the brand some worth and identity through indirectly through promotions and advertising campaigns and others.

Two main processes are involved in improving search engine visibility and building a brand that is strong: what you do outside the site and the things you implement on the site.


Now you have it. You will need an online platform that will help you convert internet browsers into clients. However, how? Well, you will need a well-optimised site to improve your visibility. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is what you need.

When you think of SEO for lawyer’s website, they think about just building a website and waiting for clients to come to it. You must still be on Yellow Pages, but those days are long gone.

Content is king

The content on your site should count towards solving your potential client’s problems. Relevant and new content and trying to make the content lean towards the credibility of your company as far as writing content worth publishing in legal books and magazines.

Pick a niche

Instead of writing every legal topic that comes your way, simply, choose a niche. This will allow you concentrate on one area and earn the necessary expertise that helps you build a strong, unique selling point (USP) for your brand.

Create easily identifiable brands

Does Google know what your brand is all about? Well, this is where you should start while creating an easily recognizable brand as a lawyer.

Previously, people used generic keywords and terms in optimising the contents on their websites to make it easier for the search engine to understand what it involves. Nowadays you need to do more than just keywords and terms usage.

You need to optimise your semantic search as well as knowledge graph.

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