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Biometric ATM Cash Point Premiers in Europe

The first biometric ATM in Europe to give cash through ‘finger vein’ scan has been installed by Poland’s cooperative BPS bank. The new ATM makes it possible for bank customers to withdraw cash by the touch of a fingertip and its adoption, according to CNN,  is believed to reflect the country’s “forward-thinking attitude to the role of information technology in society.”

biometric cash machine

The ATM uses the latest ‘finger vein’ technology with infrared light – developed by Hitachi – to detect a unique pattern of micro-veins. This is then matched with a pre-registered user-profile in order to verify his or her identity. According to Hitachi, the technology is more reliable than the use of fingerprints and has a million false acceptance rate which is only comparable to iris scanning (widely regarded as the most secured biometric authentication method). Perhaps, the most interesting feature about the ‘finger vein’ technology is that unlike in fingerprinting, there is no potentially replicable traces as finger veins are located below the skin surface.

Biometric ATM machines are already in use in some parts of Asia, Middle East and South America and have been found to be very effective in combating identity theft although there are already concerns about how such sensitive data are stored.

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Do you think the use of digit-scanning ATMs is such a good idea?

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