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Best Ways to Support your Child in Learning Mathematics at Home

The motivation to study often vanishes for children the moment they return home from school. The age is as such which demands for more play and less study time but it is also the age when seeds of knowledge have to be sown. Among the various subjects to study, the most feared subject (generally speaking) among most children is mathematics. Mathematics is in fact an interesting subject and it is also a fundamental subject which is also a prerequisite for many fields in the workspace. It is a cumulative discipline and hence it is essential to take baby steps in internalising simple concepts which will then help students to grasp much more abstract concepts and be able to solve more complex problems.

In this day and age, unfortunately, the education system demands a whole lot more from students as this has become a way of adaptation to the continuous progress that is taking place all around the world in terms of economy, technology, and education. Math is a fundamental subject, which branches out into many career options and forms the base of many areas in the corporate landscape, has been given much more emphasis on the education system in the recent years. Excelling in Mathematics is not impossible but to do so, it takes a lot of time, dedication, persistence and perseverance. The motivation, inspiration, and habit of hard work have to start from home and parents have a huge role to play in making it all happen.

So, let’s take a look at the best ways you, as a parent can help your child excel in mathematics!


When students have to figure out what works and what doesn’t all alone, it can end up causing them to become frustrated and feel helpless. Over time, this may cause them to feel insecure and their confidence may take a beating. Some parents may assume that the Mathematics teacher in school will take care of it all but the truth is, school teachers cannot give personalised attention to each and every student, because pragmatically speaking, it’s impossible to focus on each student and fulfill everyone’s learning needs (which are all vastly different). In mathematics tuition, a tutor will ensure that their students’ basics are strong before moving on. This initial stage of grasping new topics and understanding them is challenging and intimidating because learning a new concept which is complex can be exhausting. Good math tutors will make sure that they explain the concepts thoroughly to their students, get their students to practice beginner-level math questions to test what they have learnt and solidify their basics. This is absolutely essential to establish in order to proceed to the more advanced stages.


Tutors never lose faith in their students they are always trying to work towards the better. Some school tutors may have a pessimistic outlook on under-performing students and they may not make the necessary arrangements or give proper attention to these students who already feel insecure. Moreover, peers’ criticisms and parents’ disappointments may cause children to become emotionally mangled; and their educational journey will become an unenjoyable and unhealthy one. Tuition teachers give their students the confidence to believe in the possibility of improving and excelling. It takes lots of time for an effort to manifest itself in the form of good results and often times tutors communicate this to their students and remind them that being patient and persistent is crucial.


Scientific research shows that studying will be most effective in numerous sessions with short duration. Instead of compelling your child to sit for several hours in a row to cram information into his head, advice your child to study smartly by breaking the hours down into 30-minute sessions with breaks in between. Short repeated sessions enable better internalisation of information effectively and it will be easier to summarise what has been covered for the day. Additionally, studying in different locations and not just at the same desk would help children to remember information more easily, and helps to reinforce memory.


Students easily lose confidence when they are unable to comprehend what’s going on during lessons and when they are unable to solve Math questions in their classwork, homework, tests, etc. Students should never be afraid to figure things out by trial and error, never restrict their thinking within a box, and finally ask questions uninhibitedly. Continue motivating your child to work on self-improvement and advise them that It is okay to lag behind and not understand something when it is being taught. What’s most important is for students to work hard and clear doubts as soon as possible!


In every step of the way in life, it is essential to use failures as a stepping stone to success. One has to calm down and analyse mistakes instead of worrying about failures and feeling insecure. Taking the appropriate actions to learn from mistakes effectively is necessary and parents have to do everything they can to help their children to work towards achieving success. Helen Hayes MacArthur once said, “An expert was once a beginner” and she could not be more accurate. With the proper guidance and moral support, students will automatically gain confidence and they will excel in their academics.

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Steffen Carter is a professional Tutor associated with ChampionTutor – One of the best Home tuition agency in Singapore. He enjoys working with students very much. He has a positive attitude and a passion to assist and motivate struggling learners.

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