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The Best Time to Publish your Content on YouTube

Nowadays, a social network is not limited only to posting news and photos, but video format becomes more and more popular. But are we taking into account all the factors that will affect the popularity of your broadcast? Let’s talk about the best time for publishing videos on the YouTube platform.

Frederator Networks works with more than 1300 YouTube channels, which generate about 12 million views each month. After analyzing the data about when the video is uploaded to the platform, it was determined the optimal time for publishing the broadcast throughout the week.

Remind yourself what time of the day is the best for spending near the computer? Of course, if you take care of writing your scientific papers, there might be any time of the whole day, but if you use the edubirdie, you don’t have to worry about them at all and watch videos and live streams whenever you want.

By the way, closer to the case, what is the best time to choose to publish broadcasts on YouTube?

Based on data from the Frederator Networks site, which operates with more than 1500 YouTube channels, the maximum audience coverage is fixed if the broadcast is published:

Monday-Wednesday: 14: 00-16: 00;
Thursday-Friday: 12: 00-15: 00
Saturday-Sunday: 9: 00-11: 00

Most views and clicks are made by users on Friday, least is made on Wednesday. The worst time for publication is an evening and a night. It was also noted that Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are the best days of the week for publishing your videos on YouTube.

Statistics showed that you do not have to upload videos on Youtube and give access to it later, after a while. Such videos are untwisted much worse. Therefore, even if you downloaded a rough version with limited access and preliminarily agreed on it with all the interested parties, then for successful promotion it is better to remove it and fill it with a new one.

Of course, you can not argue that such recommendations will suit your type of the broadcast, but it’s worth to try. After all, we realize that content is always more important than other factors, and this time frame can help increase the number of views.

To view the statistics of your video’s views, follow to the Creative Studio – YouTube analytics – real-time data.

Last 48 hours. Here you can see both the general temporary statistics for all broadcasts, and select separately. Statistics are displayed for the last 48 hours.

Last 60 Minutes. The current view data is displayed to the right. Very convenient for testing. It is recommended to create a table in which you will indicate the time, day of the week and the number of views. Thus, you will be able to collect accurate data on the temporary preferences of your audience.

If you are blogging, you should have noticed the peculiarity of the decline in attendance at the weekend and the natural rise on Monday. Also, the decline in activity falls on Friday night and holidays. It is natural because most people prefer to spend this time, not in front of the computer monitor.

Another beginners’ mistake is according to a number of videos they have. If they have 10 videos, then they have to fill them all at once. And then they can add nothing per month. This approach is fundamentally untrue. Permit to explain why. A new user comes to you on the channel, watches all your 10 videos, he likes them, he subscribes and leaves. Then after a week comes again – nothing new. A week later – again nothing new. What will he do? Of course! Most likely he will write off. From the point of view of the search engines, this approach is also disastrous. Search robots will also think that the channel is not developing, the owner has not added anything new for a long time, etc. This is another argument in favor of the fact that even if you are the owner of several cool broadcasts – you should not upload them all at once. Publish them once a week. You are subsequently provided with content for more than two months. And during this time, you can shoot and edit a few more clips for future publications.

With this in mind, the advice follows. It is quite logical to record the broadcast, not before the publication day, but to single out one full day and remove a bunch of broadcasts at once. And then slowly, in your spare time to do the editing and continue to upload the content once a week.

Advanced bloggers realize that on Sunday night there is no need to publish a new post. It is worth to post the publication on Monday. The effect will be stronger. About Youtube, you can say the same thing, but with little differences in the nature of the content. If your channel is entertaining, then the best time for publication is the Saturday morning. If you publish educational broadcasts or announce your new training, then the morning or the evening of Monday will suit you.

For the beginners, one video per week is sufficient. It is important to try and upload videos on the schedule. For example, on the same day of the week. On Wednesdays for example. Thus, your subscribers will be aware of the information when they would get the opportunity to watch a new video on your channel.

You are not obliged to upload new videos every day. This is difficult because to remove the high-quality broadcast and edit it – you need to spend a lot of time. Constantly adhere to this rate will be very difficult, especially if the installation skills are not fully mastered yet.

Quality plays a noticeable role in advancement of the youtube channel. Your videos should not only be useful, but also they have to be pleasant to watch.

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1 Comment

  1. Raymond J

    June 24, 2020 at 4:30 am

    Does the time zone in which you publish matter much (in the USA)?

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